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xengine / XEngine_StreamMedia

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This repository has a development and master branch. If you want to use it, please use the master branch
As long as the repository is not in suspended state, we will maintain and develop it all the time, please use it with confidence


c c++ 流媒体服务器
c c++ streammedia server
This is not a simple streaming media server, but a protocol stream parsing push streaming service, need to be used with the streaming service, his main role is to parse the national standard protocol and other protocols of the streaming media protocol, and then packaged to push the stream to the specified streaming media server
can support JT1078, GB28181 and other protocol streams. Parsing these protocol streams, and then pushing them to a streaming server through RTMP protocol. Users can pull streams through the streaming server.
It is a streaming protocol parsing collection, which can access any protocol devices to our server, and then packaged into RTMP protocol by our server to push the stream to the specified server.
This is a cross-platform simple high-performance network licensing server, provides a complete demo code

Software feature

A set of concise and high-performance cross-platform streaming media analysis and push streaming services developed and implemented based on libXEngine

  1. Support voice intercom
  2. Support multiple audio format transcoding
  3. Support video recording
  4. Support JT1078 protocol parsing and streaming
  5. Support the parsing and streaming of the national standard GB28181 protocol
  6. Support international ONVIF protocol
  7. Support SIP streaming protocol
  8. support device manufacturer sdk(dahua,haikang,suobei...and more...)


XEngine environment

you have to install xengine before complie,You can refer to its Readme document

Version requirements

Support WINDOWS 7SP1 and LINUX (UBUNT20.04, CENTOS8) above system
XEngine version requires V7.34 or above


use vs open and complie


Linux use Makefile complie
UBUNTU20.04 x64 or CENTOS8 x64


Linux use Makefile to complie,terminal exection,Requires mac 12 and above

Compile Command

execute command in XEngine_Source path
make complie
make FLAGS=InstallAll Install File
make FLAGS=CleanAll Clear Complie


  1. Switch to the MASTER branch
  2. download code
  3. complie
  4. install
  5. run XEngine_CenterApp.exe,and running XEngine_SDKApp.exe or XEngine_JT1078App.exe,linux can be set parament -d 1 command
  6. use APPClient push stream
  7. use vlc play


If running under Linux, you can use the service script to run, you need to modify the ExecStart and WorkingDirectory path in the .service script in the release directory first
and copy the service script to the /usr/lib/systemd/system/ directory, then execute systemctl start service name, you can also set self-start, systemctl enable service name
You need to start XEngine_CenterApp.exe -d 1(XStreamCenter.service service) first, and then start the service, such as: XEngine_SDKApp -d 1(XStreamSdk.service)

Dir Struct

  • XEngine_Docment Docment Dir Struct
  • XEngine_Release Install Dir Struct
  • XEngine_Source Source Dir
  • XEngine_APPClient Client Example Code
  • XEngine_SQLFile Sql File

Participate in contribution

  1. Fork this code
  2. Create new Feat_xxx branch
  3. Submit the code
  4. New Pull Request

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