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不合群的混子 / spring-boot-demo

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Spring Boot Demo

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spring boot demo is a project for learning and practicing spring boot, including 66 demos, and 55 of them have been done.

This project has integrated actuator (monitoring), admin (visual monitoring), logback (log), aopLog (recording web request logs through AOP), global exception handling (json level and page level ), freemarker (template engine), thymeleaf (template engine), Beetl (template engine), Enjoy (template engine), JdbcTemplate (general JDBC operate database), JPA (powerful ORM framework ), mybatis (powerful ORM framework), Generic Mapper (mybatis quick operation ), PageHelper (powerful mybatis pagination plugin), mybatis-plus (mybatis quick operation), BeetlSQL (powerful ORM framework ), upload (local file upload and qiniu cloud file upload), redis (cache), ehcache (cache), email (send various types of mail), task (basic scheduled tasks), quartz (dynamic management scheduled tasks), xxl-job (distributed scheduled tasks), swagger (API interface management and tests), security (RBAC-based Dynamic Rights Authentication), SpringSession (session sharing), Zookeeper (implement distributed locks by AOP), RabbitMQ (message queue), Kafka (message queue), websocket (server pushes the monitoring server status to front end), socket.io (chat room), ureport2 (Chinese-style report), packaged into a war file, integrate ElasticSearch (basic operations and advanced queries), Async ( asynchronous tasks), integrated Dubbo (with official starter), MongoDB (document database), neo4j (graph database), docker (container), JPA Multi-Datasource, Mybatis Multi-Datasource, code generator', GrayLog (log collection), JustAuth (third-party login), LDAP(CURD), Dynamically add/switch datasources, Standalone RateLimiting(AOP + Guava RateLimiter), Distributed Ratelimiting(AOP + Redis + Lua), ElasticSearch 7.x(use official Rest High Level Client), HTTPS, Flyway(initialize databases),UReport2(Chinese complex report ).

If you have demos to contribute or needs to meet, it is very welcome to submit a issue and I will add it to my TODO list.

Branch Introduction

  • branch master: Based on Spring Boot version 2.1.0.RELEASE. Every module's parent dependency is the pom.xml at root directory in convenience of managing common dependencies and learning spring boot.
  • branch v-1.5.x: Based on Spring Boot version 1.5.8.RELEASE. Every module's parent dependency is spring-boot-demo-parent. But since the feedback shows that it is not much friendly to many new learners, this branch will not be mantained any more. All of the demos will be moved to branch master. Everyone could still study at this branch but it's suggested to study at branch master while Spring Boot has much new content over version 2.x.


  • JDK 1.8 +
  • Maven 3.5 +
  • IntelliJ IDEA ULTIMATE 2018.2 + (Note: Please use IDEA and make sure plugin lombok installed.)
  • Mysql 5.7 + (Please use version 5.7 or higher because mysql has some new features and is not backward compatible at version 5.7. Althought this project will try to avoid this incompatibility)

Getting Started

Note: If you has been forked this project, need to sync the project's code, please see: https://xkcoding.com/2018/09/18/how-to-update-the-fork-project.html

  1. git clone https://github.com/xkcoding/spring-boot-demo.git
  2. Open the cloned project in IDEA
  3. Import the pom.xml file from the root directory using Maven Projects panel
  4. If you can not find Maven Projects panel, try to tick View -> Tool Buttons on and the Maven Projects panel will appear on the right side of IDEA.
  5. Find each Application class to run each module.
  6. Note: Each demo has a detailed README file. Remember to check it before running the demo~
  7. Note: In some condition you have to execute sql to prepare data before running demo, don't forget it~

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time


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Introduction of each Module

Module Name Module Description
demo-helloworld a helloworld demo.
demo-properties a demo to read the contents of configuration file.
demo-actuator a demo to integrate spring-boot-starter-actuator for monitoring the starting status and the running status of application.
demo-admin-client a client demo to integrate spring-boot-admin for visually monitoring the running status of application, it can be used with spring-boot-starter-actuator.
demo-admin-server a server demo to integrate spring-boot-admin for visually monitoring the running status of the spring-boot program, it can be used with spring-boot-starter-actuator.
demo-logback a demo to integrate the logback for logging.
demo-log-aop a demo to record web request logs using AOP aspect.
demo-exception-handler a demo to demonstrate global exception handling, including 2 types, the first one returns json data, and the second one jumps to error page.
demo-template-freemarker a demo to integrate Freemarker template engine.
demo-template-thymeleaf a demo to integrate Thymeleaf template engine.
demo-template-beetl a demo to integrate Beetl template engine.
demo-template-enjoy a demo to integrate Enjoy template engine.
demo-orm-jdbctemplate a demo to integrate the Jdbc Template for operating database and easily encapsulate the generic Dao layer.
demo-orm-jpa a demo to integrate spring-boot-starter-data-jpa for operating database.
demo-orm-mybatis a demo to integrate native mybatis by using mybatis-spring-boot-starter dependency.
demo-orm-mybatis-mapper-page a demo to integrate Mapper and PageHelper by using mapper-spring-boot-starter and pagehelper-spring-boot-starter dependencies.
demo-orm-mybatis-plus a demo to integrate mybatis-plus by using mybatis-plus-boot-starter dependency, integrate BaseMapper / BaseService / ActiveRecord to operate database.
demo-orm-beetlsql a demo to integrate beetl-sql by using beetl-framework-starter dependency.
demo-upload a file upload demo, including local file upload and qiniu cloud file upload.
demo-cache-redis a demo to integrate redis, operate data in redis, and use redis to cache data.
demo-cache-ehcache a demo to integrate ehcache, and use ehcache to cache data.
demo-email a demo to integrate email, including sending simple text email, HTML email (including template HTML email), attachment email, and static resource email.
demo-task a demo to show easy to use scheduled task.
demo-task-quartz a demo to integrate quartz for managing scheduled tasks, including adding new scheduled tasks, deleting scheduled tasks, suspending scheduled tasks, restoring scheduled tasks, modifying scheduled task startup times, and timing task list queries, and providing front-end pages.
demo-task-xxl-job a demo to integrate xxl-job for distributed scheduled tasks and provide methods to manage scheduled tasks bypass xxl-job-admin, including scheduled task lists, trigger lists, new scheduled tasks, deleted scheduled tasks, stopped scheduled tasks, and started scheduled tasks. Modify the scheduled task and manually trigger the scheduled task.
demo-swagger a demo to integrate native swagger to manage and test API interfaces.
demo-swagger-beauty a demo to integrate third part of swagger dependency swagger-bootstrap-ui to beautify document style and manage and test API interfaces.
demo-rbac-security a demo to integrate spring security implement privilege management based on RBAC privilege model, supports custom filtering request, dynamic privilege authentication, uses JWT security authentication, supports online population statistics, manually kicks out users, etc.
demo-rbac-shiro NOT FINISHED YET!
a demo to integrate shiro for authentication management.
demo-session a demo to integrate Spring Session to implement Session sharing, restart program Session does not expire.
demo-oauth NOT FINISHED YET!
a demo to implement the oauth server and to implement oauth2 protocol such as the authorization code, access token.
demo-social a demo to integrate third-party login by using justauth-spring-boot-starter dependency to achieve QQ login, GitHub login, WeChat login, Google login, Microsoft login, Xiaomi login, enterprise WeChat login.
demo-zookeeper a demo to integrate Zookeeper and AOP to implement distributed lock.
demo-mq-rabbitmq a demo to integrate RabbitMQ implementation for message delivery and reception based on direct queue mode, fanout mode, topic mode, delay queue.
demo-mq-rocketmq NOT FINISHED YET!
a demo to integrate RocketMQ implementation for message delivery and reception.
demo-mq-kafka a demo to integrate Kafka implementation for message delivery and reception.
demo-websocket a demo to integrate websocket, the backend actively pushes the server running status to front end.
demo-websocket-socketio a demo to integrate websocket by using netty-socketio, implement a simple chat room.
demo-ureport2 NOT FINISHED YET!
a demo to integrate ureport2 to implement complex, customized Chinese-style reports.
a demo to integrate uflo(process engine like Activiti and Flowable) to quickly implement a lightweight process engine.
demo-urule NOT FINISHED YET!
a demo to integrate urule(rule engine like drools) fast implementation rule engine.
demo-activiti NOT FINISHED YET!
a demo to integrate Activiti 7 process engine.
demo-async asynchronous execution of tasks by using natively provided asynchronous task support.
demo-war packaged into a war format configuration
demo-elasticsearch a demo to integrate ElasticSearch by using spring-boot-starter-data-elasticsearch to implement advanced techniques for using ElasticSearch, including creating indexes, configuring mappings, deleting indexes, adding and deleting basic operations, complex queries, advanced queries, aggregate queries, etc.
demo-dubbo a demo to integrate Dubbo, common module spring-boot-demo-dubbo-common, service provider spring-boot-demo-dubbo-provider, service consumer spring-boot-demo-dubbo-consumer.
demo-mongodb a demo to integrate MongoDB and use the official starter to CRUD.
demo-neo4j a demo to integrate Neo4j graph database to implement a campus character relationship network.
demo-docker docker container.
demo-multi-datasource-jpa a demo to implement JPA multi-datasource.
demo-multi-datasource-mybatis a demo to implement Mybatis multi-datasource by using an open source solution from Mybatis-Plus.
demo-sharding-jdbc a demo to use sharding-jdbc to implement sub-database and sub-tables, while ORM uses Mybatis-Plus.
a demo to integrate t-io(a network programming framework like netty).
a demo to integrate Google grpc, need to be configure tls/ssl, see ISSUE#5.
demo-codegen a demo to integrate velocity template engine to implement code generator, improve development efficiency.
demo-graylog a demo to integrate graylog for unified log collection.
a demo to integrate Single Sign On, see ISSUE#12.
demo-ldap a demo to integrate LDAP to use spring-boot-starter-data-ldap to implement CURD operations and give the login demo, see ISSUE#23, thanks @fxbin.
demo-dynamic-datasource a demo to add datasource dynamically, switch datasource dynamically.
demo-ratelimit-guava a demo to use use Guava RateLimiter to protect API by standalone rate limiting.
demo-ratelimit-redis a demo to use Redis and Lua script implementation to protect API by distributed rate limiting.
demo-https a demo to integrate HTTPS.
demo-elasticsearch-rest-high-level-client a demo to integrate ElasticSearch 7.x version by using official Rest High Level Client to operate ES data.
demo-flyway a demo to integrate Flyway to initialize tables and data in database, Flyway also support the sql script version control.
demo-ureport2 a demo to integrate Ureport2 to design the Chinese complex report file.




Copyright (c) 2018 Yangkai.Shen

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spring boot demo 是一个用来深度学习并实战 spring boot 的项目,目前总共包含 65 个集成demo,已经完成 53 个。 该项目已成功集成 actuator(监控)、admin(可视化监控)、logback(日志)、aopLog(通过AOP记录web请求日志)、统一异常处理(json级别和页面级别)、freemarker(模板引擎)、thymeleaf(模板引擎)、Beetl(模板引擎)、Enjoy(模板引擎)、JdbcTemplate(通用JDBC操作数据库)、JPA(强大的ORM框架)、mybatis(强大的ORM框架)、通用Mapper(快速操作Mybatis)、PageHelper(通用的Mybatis分页插件)、mybatis-plus(快速操作... expand collapse


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