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许雪里 / xxl-ssoJavaGPL-3.0

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A distributed single-sign-on framework.(分布式单点登录框架XXL-SSO)
xuxueli authored 更新RM
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XXL-SSO, A Distributed Single-Sign-On Framework.
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XXL-SSO is a distributed single-sign-on framework. You only need to log in once to access all trusted application systems. It has "lightweight, scalable, distributed, cross-domain, Web+APP support access" features. Now, it's already open source code, real "out-of-the-box".

XXL-SSO 是一个分布式单点登录框架。只需要登录一次就可以访问所有相互信任的应用系统。 拥有"轻量级、分布式、跨域、Cookie+Token均支持、Web+APP均支持"等特性;。现已开放源代码,开箱即用。



  • 1、简洁:API直观简洁,可快速上手;
  • 2、轻量级:环境依赖小,部署与接入成本较低;
  • 3、单点登录:只需要登录一次就可以访问所有相互信任的应用系统。
  • 4、分布式:接入SSO认证中心的应用,支持分布式部署;
  • 5、HA:Server端与Client端,均支持集群部署,提高系统可用性;
  • 6、实时性:系统登陆、注销状态,全部Server与Client端实时共享;
  • 7、CS结构:基于CS结构,包括Server"认证中心"与Client"受保护应用";
  • 8、跨域:支持跨域应用接入SSO认证中心;
  • 9、Cookie+Token均支持:支持基于Cookie和基于Token两种接入方式,并均提供Sample项目;
  • 10、Web+APP均支持:支持Web和APP接入;



Contributions are welcome! Open a pull request to fix a bug, or open an Issue to discuss a new feature or change.

欢迎参与项目贡献!比如提交PR修复一个bug,或者新建 Issue 讨论新特性或者变更。


更多接入的公司,欢迎在 登记地址 登记,登记仅仅为了产品推广。

Copyright and License

This product is open source and free, and will continue to provide free community technical support. Individual or enterprise users are free to access and use.

  • Licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3.
  • Copyright (c) 2015-present, xuxueli.



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