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基于JavaFx搭建的实用小工具集合,方便开发过程中的代码编写与调试,想学习javaFx的同学可以参考参考。其中包括文件复制、Cron表达式生成器、编码转换、加密解密、Time转换、路径转换、二维码生成工具、身份证生成器、正则表达式生成工具、网址缩短、转义字符、字符串转换、Mq调试工具、Http调试工具、json格式化编辑工具、图标生成工具、Redis连接工具、网页源码下载工具、切换Hosts工具、Ftp服务器、Cmd调试工具、Ftp/Ftps/Sf... spread retract

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Gidee address:xJavaFxTool

GitHub address:xJavaFxTool

Tencent Cloud Development Platform Address:xJavaFxTool

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中文说明/Chinese Documentation

xJavaFxTool exchange QQ group:== 387473650 ==

Project Description:

xJavaFxTool is a practical gadget set developed by javaFx. It uses some time to summarize some problems encountered in the work, packaged into a small tool set for your reference and use. It contains some examples of javaFx functions, such as layout, Internationalization, third-party UI library ( controlsfx , JFoenix, etc.), external jar package loading (plug-in mechanism) and other common functions, students who want to learn javaFx can refer to the reference, learn javaFx data reference

Due to the hot SpringBoot, the project has been released SpringBoot-javafx version, xJavaFxTool-spring welcome reference, thank you.

Download trial address:

If the above link fails, use the download link below:

Support plug-in development, the plug-in jar package can be automatically loaded under the root directory libs (see the open source project xJavaFxPlugIn for plug-in development examples , and the next step is to split the gadget into each plug-in and load it as needed. Currently, the plug-in function is not perfect, follow-up Split each function into modules and load them as needed to reduce the size of the jar package);

Environmental construction instructions:

  • The development environment is jdk1.8, based on maven build
  • Developed with eclipase or Intellij Idea (Recommended to use Intellij Idea )
  • This project uses lombok . If you have not downloaded the lombok plugin when viewing this project, please install it first, otherwise you can't find the get/set method.
  • The dependent xcore package has been uploaded to the git-hosted maven platform. The git hosting maven can refer to the tutorial (if you can't download it, please pull the project to compile it yourself ). Tutorial address: Click to enter
  • Package using the javafx-maven-plugin (can be packaged for windows, Linux, Mac installation packages)
  • Use exe4j to convert the jar package into an exe executable file (for reference only, you can use other programs to package)
  • Use InnoSetup to make windows installation packages

The currently integrated gadgets are:

  1. FileCopy: File Copy (supports automatic scheduled copy function) (using the quartz tool)
  2. CronExpBuilder: Cron Expression Builder
  3. CharacterConverter: code conversion
  4. EncryptAndDecrypt: Encryption and decryption (Ascii, Hex, Base64, Base32, URL, MD5, SHA, AES, DES, file encryption DM5, file encryption SHA1, Morse password, Druid encryption) (using the commons-codec tool)
  5. TimeTool: Time conversion (common format conversion (including time zone), calculation time difference, time superposition calculation)
  6. LinuxPathToWindowsPath: path conversion (using the oshi tool)
  7. QRCodeBuilder: QR code generation tool (automatically generate, add logo, screenshot recognition, custom format) (using google.zxing , jkeymaster, etc.)
  8. IdCardGenerator: ID Generator
  9. RegexTester: Regular Expression Generation Tool
  10. ShortURL: URL shortening (currently support Baidu, Sina, shrink me and other short URL shortening)
  11. EscapeCharacter: escape characters (supports Html, XML, Java, JavaScript, CSV, Sql) (using the commons-lang3 tool)
  12. ZHConverter: string conversion (using hanlp open source tools, to achieve pinyin, simplified - traditional, simplified - Taiwanese body, simplified - Hong Kong traditional, traditional - Taiwanese body, traditional - Hong Kong traditional, Hong Kong traditional - Taiwanese body, digital amount - capital amount, etc. Direct conversion)
  13. ActiveMqTool: Mq debugging tool (currently only supports ActiveMq )
  14. HttpTool: Http debugging tool (supports custom send data, header and cookie) (using okhttp )
  15. jsonEditor: json format editing tool
  16. IconTool: Icon Generation Tool (using the thumbnailator tool)
  17. RedisTool: Redis connection tool (using the jedis tool)
  18. WebSourcesTool: web source download tool
  19. SwitchHostsTool: Switch the Hosts tool (using the richtextfx tool)
  20. FtpServer: Ftp server (quickly build local Ftp service) (based on apache.ftpserver )
  21. CmdTool: Cmd debugging tool
  22. FtpClientTool: Ftp(s)/Sftp client debugging tool (batch upload, download, delete files and folders) (implicit/explicit SSL/TLS) (using jsch , commons-io, etc.)
  23. PdfConvertTool: Pdf conversion tool (currently only supports pdf to image, pdf to text function) (using pdfbox tool)
  24. DirectoryTreeTool: File List Generator
  25. ImageTool: Image compression tool (bulk compression, resizing, conversion format)
  26. AsciiPicTool: Image transcoding tool (including image generation banner code, picture to Base64 code, picture to Excel table)
  27. KafkaTool: Kafka debugging tool (not perfect) (using kafka-clients )
  28. EmailTool: Email bulk tool (supports custom bulk template) (using the commons-email tool)
  29. ColorCodeConverterTool: color code conversion tool (including conversion between hexadecimal, RGB, ARGB, RGBA, HSL, HSV, etc.)
  30. SmsTool: SMS group sending tool (currently supports China Mobile, China Telecom, Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Monternet Cloud Communication and other platforms)
  31. ScriptEngineTool: script engine debugging tool (currently supports scripts such as JavaScript, Groovy, Python, Lua, etc.) (using tools such as groovy,jython,luaj, etc.)
  32. FileRenameTool: File Rename Tool
  33. JsonConvertTool: Json conversion tool (currently supports Json to Xml, Json to Java entity class, Json to C# entity class, Json to Excel, Json to Yaml, Properties to Yaml, Yaml to Properties) (using fastjson, snakeyaml, dom4j, etc.)
  34. WechatJumpGameTool: WeChat Jumping Assistant
  35. TextToSpeechTool: Voice Conversion Tool (call Baidu Voice Conversion API)
  36. 2048: Small game 2048
  37. SocketTool: Socket debugging tool (using Apache Mina to implement Tcp, Udp server and client)
  38. ImageAnalysisTool: Image parsing tool (1. Atlas file anti-parsing 2, image quick split tool)
  39. DecompilerWxApkgTool: WeChat applet decompilation tool (one-click decompilation WeChat small package)
  40. ZooKeeperTool: Zookeeper Tool (a convenient operation for ZooKeeper, including adding, modifying, deleting (including subfiles), renaming, copying, adding change notifications) (using the zkclient tool)
  41. ExcelSplitTool: Excel split tool (supports splitting xls, xlsx, csv and files) (using the commons-csv tool)
  42. PathWatchTool: Folder Monitoring Tool
  43. CharsetDetectTool: File Encoding Detection Tool (using the juniversalchardet tool)
  44. TransferTool: Transfer tool (integrated with various transport protocols, using custom timing tasks (simple mode, cron expression mode), divided into Receiver receiver, Filter processor, Sender transmitter)
  45. ScanPortTool: Port Scanning Tool
  46. FileMergeTool: File Merge Tool (supports merging xls, xlsx, csv, and files) (using the apache.poi tool)
  47. SedentaryReminderTool: Sedentary Reminder Tool
  48. RandomGeneratorTool: random number generation tool (using hutool tool)
  49. ClipboardHistoryTool: Clipboard History Tool
  50. FileSearchTool: File Search Tool (using the lucene search engine)
  51. Mp3ConvertTool: Mp3 conversion tool (currently supports NetEase cloud music.ncm, QQ music.qmc converted to mp3 format) (using jaudiotagger tool)
  52. SealBuilderTool: Stamp Generation Tool
  53. BullsAndCowsGame: A number guessing game
The transfer tools currently support the following features:
title Configuration class name Description
Fs ReceiverConfigFs Read a message from a disk file
Ftp ReceiverConfigFtp Receive messages using the Ftp/Ftps protocol
Http ReceiverConfigHttp Receive messages using the http/https protocol (supports pull mode and provides the Restfull interface mode)
Ftp ReceiverConfigFtp Receive messages using the Ftp/Ftps protocol
SFtp ReceiverConfigSftp Receive messages using the SFtp protocol
Email ReceiverConfigEmail Receive messages using the Email protocol
Jms ReceiverConfigJms Receive messages using the Jms protocol
Kafka ReceiverConfigKafka Receive messages using the Kafka protocol
IbmMq ReceiverConfigIbmMq Receive messages using the IbmMq protocol
RabbitMq ReceiverConfigRabbitMq Receive messages using the RabbitMq protocol
RocketMq ReceiverConfigRocketMq Receive messages using the RocketMq protocol
ActiveMq ReceiverConfigActiveMq Receive messages using the ActiveMq protocol
Hdfs ReceiverConfigHdfs Receive messages using the HDFS protocol


title Configuration class name Description
Backup FilterConfigBackup Back up messages to the file system
Compress FilterConfigCompress Compress the message
Decompress FilterConfigDecompress Decompress the message
EncryptDecrypt FilterConfigEncryptDecrypt Encrypt and decrypt the message
OracleSqlldr FilterConfigOracleSqlldr Save the message to the Oracle database
GroovyScript FilterConfigGroovyScript Will execute the Groovy script
PythonScript FilterConfigPythonScript Will execute Python script
JavaScript FilterConfigJavaScript Will execute a JavaScript script
LuaScript FilterConfigLuaScript Will execute the Lua script


title Configuration class name Description
Fs SenderConfigFs Read a message from a disk file
Ftp SenderConfigFtp Send messages using the Ftp/Ftps protocol
Http SenderConfigHttp Send a message using the http/https protocol
Ftp SenderConfigFtp Send messages using the Ftp/Ftps protocol
SFtp SenderConfigSftp Send messages using the SFtp protocol
Email SenderConfigEmail Send a message using Email
Jms SenderConfigJms Send messages using the Jms protocol
Kafka SenderConfigKafka Send messages using the Kafka protocol
IbmMq SenderConfigIbmMq Send messages using the IbmMq protocol
RabbitMq SenderConfigRabbitMq Send messages using the RabbitMq protocol
RocketMq SenderConfigRocketMq Send messages using the RocketMq protocol
ActiveMq SenderConfigActiveMq Send messages using the ActiveMq protocol
Hdfs SenderConfigHdfs Send messages using the HDFS protocol

In the development of the project, new tools will be added in the future. Welcome everyone to participate and give more comments, thank you.

Plan to add features:

  • Monitoring function (folder depth, number of Ftp/Ftps/sftp files, mq depth)
  • Convert excel to sql insert statement
  • Record keyboard usage gadget
  • Random file generator (with template engine)
  • File search function

Project structure

├─ project ImagesRF Royalty Free Screenshot 
├─ external storage jar package lib reference 
├─ libs plugin jar package store 
├─ pom.xml maven profile 
├─ documentation 
├─ src 
│ ├─ main 
│ │ ├─ the Java 
│ │ │ └ com 
│ │ │  └ ─ xwintop 
│ │ │   └ ─ ─ xJavaFxTool 
│ │ │   ├─ common third-party tools 
│ │ │   ├─ config springBoot configuration class 
│ │ │   ├─ controller javafx control layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ assistTools Auxiliary Tool Control Layer 
│ │ │   │ ├ ─ codeTools Code Tool Control Layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ debugTools Debug Tool Control Layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ developTools Development Tool Control Layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ epmsTools epms Tool Control Layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ javaFxTools javaFx tool control layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ littleTools gadget control layer
│ │ │   │ └ ─ webTools html tool control layer 
│ │ │   ├─ job timed task processing job 
│ │ │   ├─ main main function package 
│ │ │   ├─ manager management 
│ │ │   ├─ model basic bean class layer 
│ │ │   ├─ services tool service layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ assistTools auxiliary tool service layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ codeTools Code tool service layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ debugTools debugging tool service layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ developTools development tool service layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ epmsTools epms tool service layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ javaFxTools javaFx tool service layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ littleTools gadgets service layer 
│ │ │   │ └─ webTools html tool service layer 
│ │ │   ├─ Utils system tools class 
│ │ │   ├─ view javafx view layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ assistTools auxiliary tool view layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ codeTools Code tool view layer
│ │ │   │ ├─ debugTools debugging tool View layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ developTools development tools view layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ javaFxTools javaFx tool view layer 
│ │ │   │ ├─ littleTools widget view layer 
│ │ │   │ └─ webTools html tool view layer 
│ │ │   └ ─ web web control view layer 
│ │ └ ─ resources 
│ │     ├ com 
│ │     │ └ ─ xwintop 
│ │     │  └─ xJavaFxTool 
│ │     │   └─ fxmlView .fxml file
│ │     ├─ Config configuration file 
│ │     │ └─ toolFxmlLoaderConfiguration.xml system menu loading configuration file 
│ │     ├─ css style resource 
│ │     ├─ data data resource 
│ │     ├─ images image resource 
│ │     ├─ locale internationalization 
│ │     ├─ web html tools 
│ │     ├─ application.yaml SpringBoot configuration file 
│ │     ├─ banner.txt start banner pictures
│ │     └─ logback.xml logback log configuration file 
│ └─ test test class 
│   ├─ java 
│   └─ resources 
├─ xJavaFxTool.jar run the package directly

Special thanks to

When a person is still young, I feel that I should start to do something that is meaningful to society, just like open source. At this point, thanks to the following contributors (in no particular order):

Follow-up plan

From time to time, add the pain points tool that summarizes the requirements in the development process. Everyone has a pain point at work and can enter the group discussion. Later, there may be corresponding tool solutions. Thank you for your support.

The project screenshot is as follows:

输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明

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