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成都市一颗优雅草科技有限公司 / songshu-video-uniapp-YYC松鼠短视频前端源码-开源--优雅草科技官方发布

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#Songshu video uniapp YYC squirrel short video front-end source code - Open Source


Songshu video uniapp YYC squirrel short video front-end source code - Open Source - elegant grass technology official release - open source code is only for learning and research reference, prohibited for commercial use, the front-end part will continue to update, this practice is to put an end to some malicious netizens and some peers on the network with our open source version of all kinds of random changes, and announced the official latest version of malicious slander Chengdu Yike elegant Grass Technology Co., Ltd. is a software company focusing on website and app development. It keeps pace with the times. Companies and individuals with development needs are welcome to contact us www.youyacao.com Official website of squirrel system songshu.youyacao.com

The warehouse will continue to update, the current version of V3.6, welcome to pay attention.

Statement: because it is built on the basis of version 1.0 and constantly updated, and version 1.0 has a lot of writing problems. It was originally designed to catch up with the progress. Compared with the front-end of dragonfly system, it must be incomparable. The technology is always in the process of continuous upgrading. When you look back, you will think that what you have written is a ghost. However, most compilation errors have been solved and will continue to improve Second, it contains the im Aurora SDK part, which is also connected to the aurora IM, but it has been commented out in v2.3.

####Front end directory (the earliest squirrel version is not written, here we will continue to update and improve)

The content of the source code is only front-end, and this code is only app, only considering the compatibility and adaptation of app, not considering applets and H5. In addition, we have made H5 version separately, and then we will consider whether to open source, page structure directory, and other contents refer to the official documentation of uniapp.

here refers to some user-defined directory structures and components. Please refer to the official documents of uniapp for detailed directory structures and functions

  • api

  • index.js Request the API interface file of the back end. All interfaces are defined here

  • common

  • config.js Server baseurl configuration

  • request.js Launch network request tool class

  • uni.css

  • uni- nvue.css

  • util.js Tools

-Components component related

  • advert

  • advert- page.vue Ad page components

  • chunlei-video

  • chunlei- video.vue Player component custom video

  • footer

  • footer_ nav.vue Bottom tab component

  • refresh

  • refresh.vue Custom drop down refresh component

  • video

  • video- page.vue Custom video waterfall list page component

  • page

  • im-chat

  • im- chat.vue IM chat page

  • im-chat- group.vue IM group page

  • im-chat-group- info.vue IM group details

  • im-chat-choose- user.vue Im select user

  • im- list.vue IM user list

  • im- user.vue IM user details

  • single.vue im

  • advert

  • advert.vue Launch ad page

  • firend-invitiaon

  • firend- invitiaon.vue Invitation page

  • index

  • channel

-Subtypelist channel subpage

  • index.vue Subchannel page

  • videoList.vue Channel video list page

  • index.vue Channel page

  • download

  • download.vue Downloaded video management

  • home

  • index.vue Home page

  • iliao

  • iliao.vue Love chat text publishing page

  • sub_ comment.vue Love chat comments released

  • publish

-Subnvue page sub component

  • typeList.nvue Pop up category list

  • publish.vue Post video page

  • seacher

  • seacher.vue Search page

  • user

  • collection

  • collection.vue Collection page

  • invite

  • invite.vue Invitation page

  • like-video

  • player.vue My favorite video playback page

  • like- video.vue My favorite video list

  • subitem

  • create.vue My videos

  • textimage.vue My picture and text

  • subject

  • record.nvue Video answer page

  • add_ withdraw.vue New withdrawal page

  • cardedit.vue Edit collection information

  • cardlist.vue Collection information list

  • change.vue Points change record

  • follow.vue My attention

  • index.vue Home page of user center

  • integral.vue Points recharge page

  • inviterecord.vue Invitation record page

  • withdraw.vue Withdrawal list page

  • vip.vue VIP recharge page

  • selectcard.vue Select cash withdrawal bank card

  • pay.vue Payment page

  • follow.vue Follow list page

  • index.vue User center page

  • other.vue User center page for others

  • index.vue Program main page

  • login

  • login.vue Login page - sign in by SMS

  • login-user- pass.vue User name password login page

  • register.vue User name email password registration page

  • setting

  • account.vue User settings

  • index.vue Setup page

  • video

-Subnvue page sub component

  • drawer.nvue Pop up comments

  • forward.nvue Sharing pop ups

  • subDrawer.nvue Secondary comment page

  • full.vue Full screen play page

  • index.nvue Slide the video playback page up and down

  • index.vue Play page auxiliary page

  • videoplay.nvue New play page

  • webview

  • webview.vue Web page preview page

####Installation tutorial

  1. The first method: click Run - run to device - run to mobile phone or simulator. This method can directly view the effect.

  2. The second way: click publish - cloud packaged Publishing - double click the premise manifest.json ---Click the source view---

"Name": "squirrel short video,",

"appid" : "",

"Description": "official demo version of squirrel short video,",

Modify this part, and the ID and name created for itself can be packaged as app preview effect.

####Instructions for use

  1. The project code is only front-end code, no back-end code and no background management code, and the communication interface is https://videofree.youyacao.com , need to fully match the back end.

Secondly, we have opened the tourist account to log in and view some data


Account adminkan password 123456

  1. The demonstration data are also from our back end, which can normally release video, graphics, comments and other operations.

  2. Open source code is only for learning and research reference, and is prohibited for commercial use. The front-end part will be updated continuously.

####Interface documentation (the earliest squirrel version is not written here, we will

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songshu-video-uniapp-YYC松鼠短视频前端源码-开源--优雅草科技官方发布----开源代码仅供学习研究参考禁止用于商业用途,前端部分将持续更新,此做法是为了杜绝网络上部分不怀好意的网友和部分同行拿着我们的开源版各种胡乱改并且发布宣称官方最新版本等恶意诋毁的行为,成都市一颗优雅草科技有限公司是一家专注于网站,APP开发的软件公司,时刻与时俱进,欢迎有开发需求的公司和个人联系我们,官网 www.youyacao.com 松鼠系统官网songshu.youyacao.com spread retract
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