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陈江伟 / ber_Short_UrlCSSGPL-3.0

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院主团队开发的多功能短链接生成及还原和防红,还支持在QQ、微信、支付宝内置浏览器即时浏览 spread retract

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BER short URL short chain project



This is a small personal station short link service developed by the main network technology team of the hospital. Functions include: short chain generation, short chain reduction, anti red link generation, anti red and common short chain mutual rotation. Short links do not call other websites, but directly use the links of this website, which is convenient for maintenance, quick access, and diversified customization This project is composed of jQuery + layui

update log


  • Add background management on the original basis
  • Add API call generation interface


  • Realize short chain generation, short chain reduction, short chain anti red, short chain mutual conversion

demo station does not provide background demonstration temporarily API interface document:


Environment requirements: Apache, php7.1 +, MySQL 5.6.5 (advanced functions must be enabled, otherwise the import will fail. If the import fails, please contact me through blog. Berfen. Com

Nginx needs to be configured with pseudo static independently. Of course, you can rely on some websites to convert Apache pseudo static to nginx pseudo static online

1、 Place the contents of the public folder in the project root directory, or refer to the site root directory like the public folder through other files

Or directly take all the files in the public folder to the root directory of the website * * but you need to change the file path. * *

2、 Create a table in the database and import SQL. sql from the public folder to the table you just created.

3、 Modify BER/db/init.PHP to configure the database connection. Now that the installation is complete, you can visit your project.

background address

Because I took all the public files out for installation, my address is' / , which can be accessed generally Background default account password **Account number : ** 2144680883 **Password : ** 123456

Basic configuration

Basically, all website configurations are in the file BER/init.PHP

short chain algorithm

We have configured two sets of algorithms in BER / coded.php for you to choose The first algorithm is random number. You can specify how many bit strings, and then randomly generate * bit strings

The second is MD5 string segmentation, which is divided into 6 specified bits. If you know PHP better, how many bit strings can you customize There is no need to introduce two simple algorithms


About copyright information: we attach great importance to copyright information. Although the project is very simple, we still hope that users can keep a copyright while opening or modifying the project: copyright belongs to: main network technology team

If there is any problem with the project, please submit it or leave a message on the blog

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