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1 Introduction

In debugging and maintenance, it is often necessary to interact with the MCU to obtain, set parameters or perform some operations, nr_micro_shell is a basic command-line tool written for MCU with less resources to meet this demand. Although a powerful finsh command-line interaction tool has been provided in the RT_Thread component. However, for a MCU with less ROM and RAM resources, finsh is still too large. If you want to retain use a command-line tool on these platforms, nr_micro_shell may be a good choice.

nr_micro_shell has the following advantages

  1. Less resources, simple use, flexibility and convenience. Only two functions, shell_init() and shell() , are involved in the use process. It is convenient to use this tool without additional coding work on a MCU with RTOS or a bare MCU.

  2. Good interaction experience. It is exactly similar to the Linux shell command line. When the serial port terminal supports ANSI (such as hypertrm terminal), it not only supports the basic command line interaction, but also provides the function of tab command completion, query history command, and direction key moving cursor modification.

  3. Good expansibility. nr_micro_shell provides users with standard function prototypes of custom commands. When you want difine your own command, just write command functions and register command functions.

Comparison of resources occupied by nr_micro_shell and finsh (finsh does not use MSH) under the same configuration.

Original project Increase after adding nr_micro_shell Increase after adding finsh
ROM 63660 +3832 +26908
RAM 4696 +1104 +1304

the configuration:

  • Up to 3 historical commands.
  • Support Tab completion.
  • The maximum length of the command line is 100.
  • Up to 10 command parameters.
  • The command line thread stack is 512 bytes.

the demonstration of nr_micro_shell

RT bare

1.1 File structure

Name Describation
docs Document directory, including GIF pictures for demonstration, etc
examples Example directory, including command function examples: nr_micro_shell_commands.c and use examples under rt_thread nr_micro_shell_thread.c.
inc Header directory.
src Source code directory.

1.2 Licence

nr_micro_shell package follows MIT license. Please refer to the 'license' file for details.

1.3 Dependence


2、Using nr_micro_shell package under RT_Thread with ENV

You need to select nr_micro_shell package from rt_thread package manager. The specific path is as follows:

RT-Thread online packages
    miscellaneous packages --->
        [*] nr_micro_shell:Lightweight command line interaction tool. --->

After pressing the 'sapce' key to select the relevant settings, press' Enter 'to configure the relevant parameters. Then let the package manager of rt_thread update automatically, or use the 'Pkgs --update' command to update the package to BSP.

If you need to run the samples, please ensure that the 'using console for kt_printf.' option in rt_thread configuration is turned on, kt_printf can work normally, and the 'use components automatically initialization.' option is turned on. nr_micro_shell can be used for direct download or simulation. When the command line is blank, press tab to display all supported commands. For the test sample command, see the use gifs under doc/pic. For the customized command process, please refer to the method in the following 3 Using nr_micro_shell package without RTOS.

3 Using nr_micro_shell package without RTOS

3.1 Configure:

All configuration work can be done in the nr_micro_shell_config.h. For details, see the comments in the file.

3.2 Usage:

  • Make sure all files have been added into your project.

  • Make sure the Macro function 'shell_printf(),ansi_show_char()' can be used in your project.

  • An example is given as follow

#include "nr_micro_shell.h"

int main(void)
    /* Initialization */

        if(USART GET A CHAR 'c')
            /* nr_micro_shell receives characters. */

3.3 Add your own command


You should realize a command function in nr_micro_shell_commands.c. The prototype of the command function is as follow

void your_command_funtion(char argc, char *argv)

argc is the number of parameters. argv stores the starting address and content of each parameter. If your input string is

test -a 1

then the argc will be 3 and the content of argv will be


If you want to know the content of first or second parameter, you should use

/* "-a" */
/* "1" */


Register you command in the table static_cmd[] as follow

const static_cmd_st static_cmd[] =

Attention: DO NOT DELETE {"\0",NULL} !

4 Attention

Ensure that a registry exists in your project

const static_cmd_st static_cmd[] =

5 Contact

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