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zTree / zTree_v3

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interface JQuery {
zTree: IzTree;
interface IJSON {
[key: string]: any
interface ITreeNode {
checked?: boolean;
children?: Array<ITreeNode>;
chkDisabled?: boolean;
click?: CallBackOnFn;
getCheckStatus?: () => object;
getIndex?: () => number;
getNextNode?: () => ITreeNode;
getParentNode?: () => ITreeNode;
getPath?: () => Array<ITreeNode>;
getPrevNode?: () => ITreeNode;
halfCheck?: boolean;
icon?: string;
iconClose?: string;
iconOpen?: string;
iconSkin?: string;
isHidden?: boolean;
isParent?: boolean;
name?: string;
nocheck?: boolean;
open?: boolean;
target?: string;
url?: string;
check_Child_State?: number;
check_Focus?: boolean;
checkedOld?: boolean;
editNameFlag?: boolean;
isAjaxing?: boolean;
isFirstNode?: boolean;
isHover?: boolean;
isLastNode?: boolean;
level?: number;
parentTId?: string;
tId?: string;
[key: string]: any;
type ApplicationType = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' | 'application/json';
type AjaxType = 'get' | 'post';
type DataType = 'text' | 'json' | 'jsonp' | 'html' | 'xml' | 'script';
* Defines a class to be returned by the zTree view.nodeClasses function
interface INodeClasses
add: string[];
remove: string[];
interface IAsync {
autoParam?: string[];
contentType?: ApplicationType;
dataFilter?: (treeId: string, parentNode: ITreeNode, responseData: IJSON[] | IJSON | string) => IJSON[] | IJSON;
dataType?: DataType;
enable?: boolean;
otherParam?: string[] | IJSON;
type?: AjaxType;
headers?: object;
xhrFields?: object;
url: ((treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode) => string) | string;
type CallBackBeforeFn = (treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode) => boolean | Promise<boolean>;
type CallBackOnFn = (event: Event, treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode) => void | Promise<void>;
interface ICallback {
beforeAsync?: CallBackBeforeFn;
beforeCheck?: CallBackBeforeFn;
beforeClick?: (treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode, clickFlag: number) => boolean | Promise<boolean>;
beforeCollapse?: CallBackBeforeFn;
beforeDblClick?: CallBackBeforeFn;
beforeDrag?: (treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode[]) => boolean | Promise<boolean>;
beforeDragOpen?: CallBackBeforeFn;
beforeDrop?: (treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode[], targetNode: object, moveType: string, isCopy: boolean) => boolean | Promise<boolean>;
beforeEditName?: CallBackBeforeFn;
beforeExpand?: CallBackBeforeFn;
beforeMouseDown?: CallBackBeforeFn;
beforeMouseUp?: CallBackBeforeFn;
beforeRemove?: CallBackBeforeFn;
beforeRename?: (treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode, newName: string, isCancel: boolean) => boolean | Promise<boolean>;
beforeRightClick?: CallBackBeforeFn;
onAsyncError?: (event: Event, treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode, XMLHttpRequest: any, textStatus: string, errorThrown: string) => void | Promise<void>;
onAsyncSuccess?: (event: Event, treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode, msg: string | object) => void | Promise<void>;
onCheck?: (event: Event, treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode) => void | Promise<void>;
onClick?: (event: Event, treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode, clickFlag: number) => void | Promise<void>;
onCollapse?: (event: Event, treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode) => void | Promise<void>;
onDblClick?: (event: Event, treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode) => void | Promise<void>;
onDrag?: (event: Event, treeId: string, treeNodes: ITreeNode[]) => void | Promise<void>;
onDragMove?: (event: Event, treeId: string, treeNodes: ITreeNode[]) => void | Promise<void>;
onDrop?: (event: Event, treeId: string, treeNodes: ITreeNode[], targetNode: object, moveType: string, isCopy: boolean) => void | Promise<void>;
onExpand?: CallBackOnFn;
onMouseDown?: CallBackOnFn;
onMouseUp?: CallBackOnFn;
onNodeCreated?: CallBackOnFn;
onRemove?: CallBackOnFn;
onRename?: (event: Event, treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode, isCancel: boolean) => void | Promise<void>;
onRightClick?: CallBackOnFn;
interface ICheck {
autoCheckTrigger?: boolean;
chkboxType?: IJSON;
chkStyle?: string;
enable?: boolean;
nocheckInherit?: boolean;
chkDisabledInherit?: boolean;
radioType?: string;
interface IData {
keep?: {
leaf?: boolean;
parent?: boolean;
key?: {
checked?: string;
children?: string;
isParent?: string;
isHidden?: string;
name?: string;
title?: string;
url?: string;
simpleData?: {
enable?: boolean;
idKey?: string;
pIdKey?: string;
rootPId?: any;
type removeFnType<T> = (treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode) => T;
interface IEdit {
drag?: {
autoExpandTrigger?: boolean;
isCopy?: boolean;
isMove?: boolean;
prev?: boolean;
next?: boolean;
inner?: boolean;
borderMax?: number;
borderMin?: number;
minMoveSize?: number;
maxShowNodeNum?: number;
autoOpenTime?: number;
editNameSelectAll?: boolean;
enable?: boolean;
removeTitle?: string | removeFnType<string>;
renameTitle?: string | removeFnType<string>;
showRemoveBtn?: boolean | removeFnType<boolean>;
showRenameBtn?: boolean | removeFnType<boolean>;
type dblClickExpandFn<T> = (treeId: string, treeNode: ITreeNode) => T;
interface IView {
addDiyDom?: dblClickExpandFn<void>;
addHoverDom?: dblClickExpandFn<void>;
autoCancelSelected?: boolean;
dblClickExpand?: boolean | dblClickExpandFn<boolean>;
expandSpeed?: string | number;
fontCss?: IJSON | dblClickExpandFn<IJSON>;
nodeClasses?: INodeClasses | dblClickExpandFn<INodeClasses>;
nameIsHTML?: boolean;
removeHoverDom?: dblClickExpandFn<void>;
selectedMulti?: boolean;
showIcon?: boolean | dblClickExpandFn<boolean>;
showLine?: boolean;
showTitle?: boolean | dblClickExpandFn<boolean>;
txtSelectedEnable?: boolean;
interface ISetting {
async?: IAsync;
callback?: ICallback;
check?: ICheck;
data?: IData;
edit?: IEdit;
view?: IView;
type filterFnType = (node: ITreeNode) => boolean;
interface IzTreeObj {
setting: ISetting;
addNodes: (parentNode: object, index?: number, newNodes?: ITreeNode[] | ITreeNode, isSilentBoolean?: boolean) => ITreeNode[];
cancelEditName: (newName?: string) => void;
cancelSelectedNode: (treeNode?: ITreeNode) => void;
checkAllNodes: (checked: boolean) => void;
checkNode: (treeNode: ITreeNode, checked?: boolean, checkTypeFlag?: boolean, callbackFlag?: boolean) => void;
copyNode: (targetNode: object, treeNode: ITreeNode, moveType: string, isSilent: boolean) => ITreeNode;
destroy: () => void;
editName: (treeNode: ITreeNode) => void;
expandAll: (expandFlag: boolean) => boolean | null;
expandNode: (treeNode: ITreeNode, expandFlag?: boolean, sonSign?: boolean, focus?: boolean, callbackFlag?: boolean) => boolean | null;
getChangeCheckedNodes: () => ITreeNode[];
getCheckedNodes: (checked?: boolean) => ITreeNode[];
getNodeByParam: (key: string, value: any, parentNode?: object) => object;
getNodeByTId: (tId: string) => ITreeNode;
getNodeIndex: (treeNode: ITreeNode) => number;
getNodes: () => ITreeNode[];
getNodesByFilter: (filter: filterFnType, isSingle?: boolean, parentNode?: ITreeNode, invokeParam?: any) => any;
getNodesByParam: (key: string, value: any, parentNode?: object) => object;
getNodesByParamFuzzy: (key: string, value: string, parentNode?: object) => object;
getSelectedNodes: (isTure: boolean) => any;
hideNode: (treeNode: ITreeNode) => void;
hideNodes: (treeNodes: ITreeNode[]) => void;
moveNode: (targetNode: object, treeNode: ITreeNode, moveType: string, isSilent?: boolean) => ITreeNode;
reAsyncChildNodes: (parentNode: ITreeNode, reloadType: string, isSilent?: boolean, callback?: any) => void;
reAsyncChildNodesPromise: (parentNode: ITreeNode, reloadType: string, isSilent?: boolean) => any; // ps: return Promise object
refresh: () => void;
removeChildNodes: (parentNode: ITreeNode) => ITreeNode[];
removeNode: (treeNode: ITreeNode, callbackFlag?: boolean) => void;
selectNode: (treeNode: ITreeNode, addFlag?: boolean, isSilent?: boolean) => void;
setChkDisabled: (treeNode: ITreeNode, disabled?: boolean, inheritParent?: boolean, inheritChildren?: boolean) => void;
setEditable: (editable: boolean) => void;
showNode: (treeNode: ITreeNode) => void;
showNodes: (treeNodes: ITreeNode[]) => void;
transformToArray: (treeNodes: ITreeNode[] | ITreeNode) => ITreeNode[];
transformTozTreeNodes: (simpleNodes: ITreeNode[] | ITreeNode) => ITreeNode[];
updateNode: (treeNode: ITreeNode, checkTypeFlag?: boolean) => void;
updateNodeIconSkin: (treeNode: ITreeNode) => void;
interface IzTree {
init?: (dom: any, setting: ISetting, zNodes: ITreeNode[] | object) => IzTreeObj;
getZTreeObj?: (treeId: string) => IzTreeObj;
destroy?: (treeId: string) => void;
_z?: any;