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Redis可视化监控工具 (基于Golang)
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[Simplified Chinese]

RedisFox is a visual monitoring tool for Redis based on Golang development


Latest Version Download

File Name Kind OS Size
redisfox1.0.2.darwin-amd64.tar.gz Archive MacOS 6M
redisfox1.0.2.linux-amd64.tar.gz Archive Linux 6M


Suppose you have configured the Golang environment (the author uses the Go1.9.2 environment)

  1. Download RedisFox
git clone
  1. Dependency Package

The project uses glide to manage dependencies. First, you need to install glide in your environment

Glide.yaml is configured under the src/redisfox directory

  1. Compile and Install
  1. Run

Configure the redis server in conf/redis-fox.yaml, open redis, and then execute the script

cd output
  1. Visit

Open the browser to access and see the monitoring status of redis态

  1. Stop

Directory Structure

├─bin                    Go compiled file directory
├─pkg                    Package directory used for Go compilation
├─src                    Source directory
│  ├─redisfox            Source code
├─conf                   Config directory
│  ├─redis-fox.yaml      Config file
├─log                    Log directory
├─data                   Data directory
├─static                 Resource directory
├─tpl                    Template directory
├─tool                   Tool directory
├─                 Get the Go dependency script
└─               Compile and install the script

Configuration Description

Configuration based on yaml syntax, do not understand the stamp here

#!The same level of field indentation is the same, and can only be indented with space.
#!The relative "-" or ":" must have spaces before each field value value

#[Redis service configuration]

#redis server
 - server:
   port: 6379
   conntype: tcp
   password: 123456 #passport

#Get redis information interval time (second)
sleeptime: 30

#The maximum number of connections in the redis connection pool
maxidle: 3

#The maximum number of active redis connection pools, 0 unrestricted
maxactive: 3

#The redis connection pool connects the timeout time, and 0 indicates no timeout
idletimeout: 0

#Storage data type
datatype: sqlite
#Data storage path
datapath: ./data/redisfox.db

logpath: ./log/
logname: redisfox.log
loglevel: 4

serverport: 8080
debugmode: 0

staticdir: ./static/
tpldir: ./tpl/


server {
    listen 80; # or 443
    # ssl on; Whether to enable encrypted connections
    # If you use HTTPS, you also need to fill in ssl_certificate and ssl_certificate_key

    location / { # If you want to access the subpath, this is changed to a subpath, pay attention to / begin and end / end
    access_log  /your-path/nginx/logs/redisfox.log;


package: redisfox
- package:
  version: ^1.4.0
  - redis
- package:
  version: ^1.2.0
- package:
- package:
  version: ^1.6.0
- package:
- package:

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