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渣渣叮 / eeglabMatlab

Updated Information
default branch
Arnaud Delorme e935a59 fix issue when no connection and for older versions of Matlab
Ramon Martinez-Cancino b0d7609 Temporal commit for developing
ramonmc 3dfd6f2 Ongoing fix to ensure users deal with eegplot rejection before exiting…
ramonmc 4c3ca6f Function to fix path of overshadowing functions was added and the func…
ramonmc 616e785 Check for events with NaN latency implemented
arno eb38ffc fix coregister to handle new .elecpos filed returned by eeglab2fieldtr…
arno f704a4d std_checkset.m, adding runs
arno cad2266 pop_runica.m, allowing PCA for Picard
Ramon Martinez 2f71498 Update number of version to
Arnaud Delorme f7870ca Change content version
Arnaud Delorme 67ff640 eeglab.m and Content.m, new version with instructions for Matlab 2018a
arno 691bc39 pop_listfactors.m, fix listing factors when more than 2 categorical var
eeglab 8a80130 eeglab compilation renaming folders
Arnaud Delorme 13a9951 change version number
Arnaud Delorme 5fe9e29 Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:sccn/eeglab into develop
ramonmc dcc48c8 Function reimplemented to perform original function but keeping all th…
Arnaud Delorme 4a18c21 chancenter.m, handle new format for calling fminsearch
Ramon Martinez-Cancino ba5c664 Set theme jekyll-theme-cayman
ramonmc a6abf7b Rotation of fiducials added to the code used to rotate nose direction
James Desjardins 36eeac2 Initial changes to eeglab.m and supergui.m enabling EEGLAB GUI in Octave 4 <.


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