Enterprise DevOps

R&D management platform

Create possibilities for efficient R&D delivery

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    Whole process project management
    Comprehensively improve the efficiency of R&D and delivery to achieve efficient collaboration
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    Stable code hosting
    Reliable and secure storage management to facilitate smooth online collaboration
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    Automate Continuous Delivery
    Intuitive visual orchestration, covering the entire scene of R&D delivery
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    Professional grade security
    Multiple security strategies to ensure the security of enterprise code assets

Enterprise-level DevOps Management Platform

Planning and managing software development

Closed-loop R&D management

Visible, controllable and measurable development process
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    Project Management
    Provide flexible, powerful and visual project management methodology
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    Code Management
    Authorization, code review, database protection, outsourcing management and control, etc.
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    Doc Management
    Collaborative structured documents with perfect authority control
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    Safe and Reliable
    Multiple security measures to ensure the safety of corporate code assets
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