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A Professional Guide to add Quality arguments in an Argumentative Essay – Guide 2021

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Writing essays based on arguments can be a difficult task for you. So, how can you make this task easier? One way is to take guidance from peers and then start writing. The primary focus of your essay must be developing quality arguments. Adding too many arguments will make your essay redundant. Any professional essay writer can help you out in writing a good essay.

First, you need to know the purpose of your essay. Then you can learn how to write your essay. An argumentative essay consists of essay writer claim on an issue and supporting pieces of evidence. You can take one side on any subject.

Structure of essay

You need to know the correct structure and format of the essay before writing it. Start it with an introduction which should end in the thesis statement. Now you have to present your arguments. Add four to five body paragraphs presenting your argument and a counterargument. In conclusion, start by reinstating the thesis statement and summarize all arguments and evidence.

Guidelines for adding quality arguments

Arguments are the main part of your essay. So, the quality of these arguments should be the primary focus of the essay. An undergraduate essay writing service can guide you in writing these arguments. You can also go through some sample papers and write the arguments by yourself. If both options are not suitable for you, here are some tips that can help you in writing.

  •         First of all brainstorm the ideas that you will be writing. Then research a little bit. Whatever relevant information you find, collect it. It will help you later on in supporting the arguments.
  •         Write your arguments in successive body paragraphs. Then write the supporting content after writing the arguments as topic sentences.
  •         Make the structuring quite simple. If you over-complicate the statements, the readers will lose interest.
  •         You should support each argument by supporting evidence. If you will not add the proof with the respective statements, there will be loopholes in your essay.
  •         To ensure the quality of your arguments, relate them with logical reasoning. If there will be a transition in successive arguments, it will develop a good essay.
  •         Keep your focus on the arguments and do not add any irrelevant information. Adding irrelevant information will make the content redundant.
  •         Do not add supporting evidence of one argument to any other argument.
  •         Keep the focus on keeping the information concise. Too much explanation will not justify the quality and precision of your essay.


A Simple Way to Create Beautiful Essays - FinSMEs


  •         Reference the research studies that you use for arguments. It will ensure the authenticity of the writing.
  •         Follow the correct style for writing such essays. Follow the outline and divide the writing into successive stages. Do not jump abruptly from one stage to another. Follow each successive stage.
  •         A counterargument should also be written in the same format. It must also be justified with the relative evidence.
  •         Do not forget to focus on your thesis statement. You will not forget your claim if you write according to the purpose of your essay.
  •         Remove all the grammatical errors. These errors make readers question the quality of your content. Proofreading will help you in eliminating the redundant information.


Take help from these guidelines in the case of facing any confusion. If I have some issues in writing, I will find myself a essay writer to write my essay. If you know how to prove your opinion about a subject, you can easily write any kind of essay. It will help you in refining your writing and research skills as well.


These writing exercises can be boring. But you can learn a lot if you keep on practicing. Do not give up if you find writing difficult for the first time. Take a look at guidelines or get help from an experienced writer. If you have the right guidance, you can write such essays in less time. 


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