Gitee Enterprise

Enterprise-level DevOps R&D management platform
The trusted choice of 200,000 companies
Delivery efficiency
Team effectiveness
Response speed
Code security
The Trusted Choice for Businesses
More than 9 years of experience, over 200,000 companies trust the choice, to meet the needs of teamwork from 5 to tens of thousands of people
Integrated DevOps R&D platform
An integrated platform from project management to code, knowledge base, and DevOps, no need to switch between multiple systems, which greatly improves work efficiency
Security can be relied on
The member unit of Xinchuang Working Committee has passed ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. It has comprehensive security measures from product characteristics to system management to ensure data security and reliability.
Toolchain matrix
Really open up the R&D process and data, reduce management costs
Enterprise Insight
  • Compliance Management
  • Code Analysis
  • DevOps Reports
  • Engineering Capability Map
  • Value Stream Management
  • Business Insight
Project Collaboration
  • Team Planning
  • Timeline Planning
  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Epics
  • Gantt chart
  • Calendar
  • Requirements Management
  • Quality Management
  • Wiki
  • API Docs
  • Feature Flags
Code Management
  • Source Code Management
  • Code Review
  • Branching Strategy
  • File Read-only Lock
  • GPG Public Key
  • Web IDE
  • Snippets
  • Gitee LFS
Code Scanning
  • Dependency Scanning
  • License Compliance
  • Vulnerability Management
  • SAST
  • CVE Vulnerability Scanning
  • Code Clone Detection
Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Cloud Compilation
  • Code Quality
  • Code Specification Scan
Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Delivery(CD)
  • Gitee Pages
  • Artifact Management
  • Release Version Management
  • Host Management
  • Multi Cloud Deployment
Data Security
  • Snapshot
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Restrict force pushes
  • Push-pull Mode Setting
  • Secrets Management
  • Event Management
  • Log
  • Abnormal Warning
ChatOps Integrate
  • Mini Program
  • WeChat Subscription
  • Webhook
  • Jenkins Service
  • WeChat
  • DingTalk
  • Feishu
Gitee Premium
Support multiple service ways
You can choose different deployment methods according to your needs
Public Cloud Enterprise Edition
Online cloud R & D management platform
No need to deploy, ready to use
Privatization Deployment
DevOps full process solution
Serve head customers in finance, manufacturing, Internet and other industries
Efficient team collaboration
Suitable for multiple collaboration scenarios
Provide different project management templates, covering from general team collaboration to professional agile practices, and can be customized according to their own business processes
Rich visual display
Provides Kanban, calendar, Gantt chart, burndown chart and multi-level list to visually understand the progress of the project
Powerful customization capabilities
Customize task type, status, task field, label, priority, display field, etc., everything
Fit code closely
All code changes can be closely related to requirements, tasks, and defects, and the R&D process is clear and traceable, which greatly improves the convenience of R&D personnel
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Safe and reliable code management
Efficient code review
At the same time, it supports PR and CR modes, provides a convenient and standardized code review process, and has built-in powerful static code specifications and vulnerability scanning tools, which can provide more comprehensive code quality prompts and modification suggestions for the review process
Fine permission management
Multi-dimensional, fine-grained permission system meets the needs of enterprises of all sizes, and supports refined permission management and control at the warehouse, branch, and directory file level
Safe, stable and fast
More than 9 years of stable operation, serving nearly tens of millions of users, deep technical precipitation, safety, reliability and performance have been tested for a long time
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Knowledge management
Everything in one place
Provide centralized storage and control of all kinds of documents, forms, slides, software packages and other kinds of files for easy internal sharing of the enterprise
Everyone can create, together
Visual editing makes it easy for multiple people to collaborate on documents, such as product manuals, bids, regulations, etc., and export them to Word and PDF formats
Everything is under control
Provide fine-grained authority control over confidential company documents, such as contracts, business plans, etc., to avoid leakage
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Complete security strategy
It is more secure than self-built systems and is prevented by measures such as finer access control, custom code push and pull methods, IP whitelists, login reminders, and secondary verification of key behaviors.
Rich operation log
All operations on corporate resources are logged to facilitate tracing and locating problems, and help companies to carry out security audits
Automatic warehouse snapshot
Automatic data backup strategy, no fear of warehouse data loss caused by misoperation or deliberate damage
International professional certification
Passed ISO/IEC 27001:2013 information security management system certification and ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification
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Ent sale
Enterprise user evaluation
Well received by 200,000+ enterprise users
九州云腾 研发总监
Advantage: 研发流程有序规划,聚焦目标,管控风险,简约不简单
骑鹅旅行 Head of PMO
Gitee 企业版不只是一个代码托管工具,也能让团队协作更容易,整个流程管理变得更加透明流畅。
Advantage: 项目管理协同清晰,有序,高效
塔联 联合创始人
Gitee 企业版很好支撑了我们对软件开发全周期管理,实践公司精益生产的理念。
Advantage: 仓库自动备份和操作日志全面记录功能非常实用
Foonsu 资深架构师
Gitee 企业版有效优化了团队之间及技术团队的协作模式,实现代码,文档等软件开发资源的统一和系统管理,使团队再开发中学习,成长,修正和完善。
Advantage: 强大的项目管理和在线文档协作能力
SuperMap 产品总监
Gitee 企业版精细化管理能力实现了高低搭配的团队规划,以及对需求、缺陷的统一管理,大大降低了团队的沟通成本,是我们一直使用的协作工具。
Advantage: 全新的里程碑规划功能
招商银行 推广负责人
界面友好,响应客户需求及时,本地技术力量雄厚,Gitee 对于国人来说,是企业级别应用的优秀选择。
Advantage: 速度快,扩展性好
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¥999 for startups‘ first year.
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Single repository
Single file
Invoices and contracts
Fault compensation
Professional team support
Community & email support


Small-scale collaborative R&D

5 people
5 GB
≤ 500 MB
≤ 50 MB
3 GB


Convenient Collaborative R&D

1298 /year


Purchase from 5 people
20 GB
≤ 1 GB
≤ 100 MB
10 GB
1 GB


Normative R&D management

1498 /year


Purchase from 5 people
20 GB
≤ 2 GB
≤ 200 MB
10 GB
1 GB


Secure R&D control

1698 /year


Purchase from 5 people
20 GB
≤ 3 GB
≤ 300 MB
10 GB
1 GB



Full workflow
Local deployment
Deployment advantages
Support intranet deployment
Internal account support
Multi-tenant mode support
Distributed & High Availability
Cintron adapters
Local data backup
Enjoy the regular version of the service and also provide VIP exclusive technical support
Increasing R&D efficiency with over 200,000 enterprises
Nonprofit plan Gitee for nonprofits
For NGO & NPO, Gitee enterprise is available for free for nonprofits. We'd like to help them so that more people can benefit from technological innovation.
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Consulting and technical support
Offers support for 24/7 help and R&D consulting to increase efficiency with Git and Gitee Enterprise.
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