FinClip 是一款小程序容器,不论是移动 App,还是电脑、电视、车载主机等设备,在集成FinClip 小程序 SDK之后,都能快速获得运行小程序的能力。

What is FinClip

1. Product introduction

The mobile Internet is developing rapidly, and mobile applications are of great strategic significance as an important position for enterprises to connect with customers. In order to make mobile applications successfully achieve digital transformation, Fantai Geek has launched the FinClip applet container technology. The program container is used to obtain the ability to run small programs, so that R&D personnel can quickly respond to front-line business demands, achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and further improve the operational capabilities of mobile application services**.

At the same time, by deploying the entire set of FinClip technology, you can create your own light application distribution center (app store), in which the "light application" is compatible with the WeChat applet syntax standard, you can introduce unlimited business applications at low cost, or you can use our The ready-made rich content provided by the mini program ecosystem can all run in your own app to serve your users.

In addition, FinClip is also an ecological collaboration platform. Enterprises, SDK plug-in providers, small program development operators, and cloud platform SaaS service providers can collaborate to create unique super apps. The FinClip applet container technology is truly universal, and has been deeply practiced in many fields such as banks, brokerages, insurance, social networking, and IoT. The system stability, robustness, and security are trustworthy.

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2. FinClip Highlights

📱 Mobile phone, computer, IoT can be used anywhere

FinClip comes with a multi-terminal applet SDK. After simple integration, you can run your applet in applications under iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, domestic operating systems or platforms.

💨 App integration is more lightweight

The common small program manufacturers on the market may increase the size of the mobile app by at least 10MB after the introduction of the SDK. However, after choosing to integrate the FinClip SDK, the size of the installation package has only increased by less than 3MB. Annoyed by the huge application size and limited device memory.

🛠 Tools from development to debugging

FinClip provides complete ecological tools for small programs from "development", "debugging" to "release". Not only the IDE can support online compilation of small programs, but also development documents and "hands-on tutorials" can quickly guide you to get started and preview the code effect. There are also developer communities and blogs waiting for you to check out.

🌟 The syntax follows the mainstream applet specification

The enterprise app integrates the FinClip applet runtime SDK to upload the WeChat applet to its own app. FinClip follows the WeChat and mainstream applet development standards and specifications, without additional learning costs, and the experience effect is consistent with the original applet.

🧩 The expansion method can be flexibly configured based on the business

Enterprises can flexibly configure API and third-party SDK plug-ins according to their own business, and provide open API interfaces to support secondary development.

⚙️ Native support for custom rule engine

FinClip provides a grayscale publishing function for business and operation, which can be used for precise, grouped, and time-sharing delivery of small programs according to different needs such as marketing scenarios, user portraits, and functional development stages, to meet the needs of product iteration, operation activities, and development management. multiple demands. It also includes the APM data reporting system to understand the function delivery data in real time.

3. Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Fantai Geek is committed to helping enterprises build an independent and open digital ecosystem under the premise of ensuring data security and privacy protection, and digitizing enterprises through its unique enterprise-level cloud-native mobile application digital engine compatible with mainstream Internet applet technology. Provide the basic platform.

With its highly plug-in, embedded, lightweight and flexible product features** and industry-leading advantages, it has enabled banks, securities, government and enterprises, e-commerce, aviation, parks, retail and other industries to open banking without borders. , digital securities companies, regulatory and compliance technology, e-government, Xinchuang and other aspects have formed more distinctive innovative application cases.

At present, Fantai Geek has empowered more than 10 industries such as banking, securities, insurance, social live broadcast, mobile communication, culture and entertainment, life services, IoT, etc., and the solutions have also become Bank of Communications, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Essence Securities. , Huaxi Securities, Soochow Securities, Fund Industry Association, Air China and other enterprises benchmarking cases.

4. Get to know us

You can visit FinClip's blog or product brochure to learn about our product day-to-day and related content.

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