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5 Common Errors in descriptive essay writing noted by top professors - 2021 Guide

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Essay writing is the most commonly assigned task to school, college, and universities students. Hundreds of essays get written every day in every part of the state. The purpose of writing an essay is not only to get the knowledge of the basic types of essays and their citation and formatting styles. The main purpose is to help students develop good and eloquent expression. Build vocabulary, enhance their communication and writing skills and help them put their thoughts onto the paper in a systematic way.

With so many essays written each day, there are some mistakes that are very frequently observed by the essay writer of all fields. Not only these mistakes are very common but are very basic too and can very easily be avoided.

Some students think they can never successfully write an essay without making mistakes and thus use essay writer sevice. Nonetheless, the task is not as complicated as it looks.

Here in this article, five mistakes commonly observed by the professors will be presented. Students can take a lead from here and write a mistake-free essay without any essay help.


Colloquialism is a technical and academic term used for the words or phrases that are commonly used in the spoken language or conversation but are considered informal for academic writing or speech.

Knowing these terms and understanding this concept will help get rid of their usage in future assignments.

Many professors have declared that students many of the time commit this mistake as they are now aware of it in the very first place. Some examples of these words include gonna, gotta, dunno, wanna instead of going to, got to, do not know, and what to respectively.





The agreement in an essay means that one format is followed throughout the essay. For instance, if essay writer start your essay with the use of the third-person pronoun, in the past tense, etc. then all of a sudden use of the first-person pronoun of present or future tense will result in disagreement in the essay.

Other examples of disagreement include using numerical for some parts and words to represent numbers in other parts of the essay. Also, if some symbols are used then the standard must be followed throughout the essay. For example, if % is used to present some stats then using the word per cent anywhere in the essay will lead to disagreement.

Professors also highlight this mistake as one of the most common ones.

Fragments of a sentence

A group or collection of phrases or words that can be used as a sentence is called a fragment. A fragment is usually a dependent clause, unlike the sentence which is the independent clause. 

Many students use fragments unnecessarily in their essays which makes them vague and unambiguous. For instance, “her last book” is a fragment whereas “it was her last book”. As evident, the fragment sometimes can not stand alone and if used leads to a mistake.

Wrong use of fragments is also classified by professors as a common mistake in essays.

Inadequate evidence

While writing either a persuasive essay, descriptive essay, or any other form of essay, not providing enough evidence to support your argument makes the essay useless. Essay writing is not just about providing your ideas but also supporting them with reliable and authentic evidence. Many students just present their notion rather than giving evidence. This kills the whole spirit of essay writing.

Wrong structuring of a paragraph

Every paragraph in an essay must start with a topic sentence which is the main claim of the paragraph. Then follows the evidence, explanation conclusive transition to the next paragraph.

Many students fail in providing either of these leading to mistakes in the essay and consult essay writer free online.

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