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Kiwano is a open-source 2D C++ game engine, only support win32 platform.

Kiwano-Core is a game irrelevant lib that provide a lot useful tools can be used in other projects. I made a lot wheels to make cpp simpler to use.

It's still under heavy developing. I write it and use it to developy my own tiny games.

You can move to Kiwano Demos repository to see how to use Kiwano to implement simple games.

More docs and examples will be added later.


  • Scene management
  • Transitions between scenes
  • Action behaviours
  • Buttons and menus
  • Texture atlas support
  • Audio support
  • Custom data storage
  • Physical engine (based on Box2D)
  • GUI system (based on ImGui)


Dev Environment

  • Win8 or Greater (Win10 recommended)
  • Visual Studio 2015 or Greater

Install with NuGet

  1. Open your Visual Studio solution
  2. In Solution Explorer, right-click References and choose Manage NuGet Packages
  3. Select the Browse tab, search for kiwano, select that package in the list, and select Install
  4. Have a good trip with Kiwano !

Install with source code

  1. Clone or download source code from Github repository
  2. Open your Visual Studio solution, right-click your solution in Solution Explorer, select Add and then Existing item
  3. Select .vcxproj files in /projects folder which you downloaded in 1st step
  4. Right-click your project and choose Properties, select C\C++ => General, add the root directory of kiwano project to the Additional include directory field
  5. Right-click References and choose Add Reference, select kiwano project
  6. Now you can build your own applications based on Kiwano source code !

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Next plan

  • Cross-platform
  • Particle system


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