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    957 OpenHarmony/applications_app_samples

    We provide a series of app samples to help you quickly get familiar with the APIs and app development process of the OpenHarmony SDKs. | 为帮助开发者快速熟悉OpenHarmony SDK所提供的API和应用开发流程,我们提供了一系列的应用示例

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    3K 万岳科技/万岳在线教育系统UNI-APP开源版


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    782 OpenHarmony/codelabs


    Last updated: 4 months ago

    81 PaddlePaddle/FastDeploy

    ⚡️An Easy-to-use and Fast Deep Learning Model Deployment Toolkit for ☁️Cloud 📱Mobile and 📹Edge. Including Image, Video, Text and Audio 20+ main stream scenarios and 150+ SOTA models.

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