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BiSheng JDK 8

BiSheng JDK is a high-performance, production-ready downstream distribution of OpenJDK. As the in-house OpenJDK implementation at Huawei, BiSheng JDK runs on more than 500 products within Huawei, accumulating a large number of usage scenarios and problems and demands from java developers, solving many problems encountered in the actual operation of the business, and typically optimized on the ARM architecture. BiSheng JDK is suited for big data applications with high performance. BiSheng JDK 8 is compatible with the Java SE standard. As a "friendly fork" project under the same license as the upstream OpenJDK project, BiSheng JDK continues to contribute to the OpenJDK community all along.

The latest binary builds can be downloaded from releases.

The User Guide && Installation Guide are available at wiki.


BiSheng JDK currently supports Linux/AArch64, Linux/x86_64.

Build platforms

About the build platforms for BiSheng JDK, see wiki.


BiSheng JDK is licensed under GPLv2 with Classpath Exception. For the details, see License.


See the Installation Guide.

How to contribute

Contributions are welcomed. Please send an email to dev or create a new issue if you find a bug or have new ideas.