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Special Interest Group (SIG)

  • The objective of the SIG is to establish community projects for one or more specific topics and promote the delivery of each project. The establishment of each SIG must be approved by the TC, and governance rules for the SIG should be formulated to specify the responsibilities of the SIG. The content includes but is not limited to the scope of responsibility, communication mode, appointment and removal of maintenance personnel (such as the maintainer and committer), and scope of service (such as the code library and directory). In addition, the information on the internal communication of each SIG must be disclosed in the openGauss community, ensuring that the community members of other SIGs can find the records of discussion, meeting, and decision-making.

  • The members of each SIG should consist of one or two maintainers, multiple committers and contributors. The first SIGs in the openGauss community are as follows:

    SIG Name Scope of Responsibility
    SQLEngine Develop and maintain the SQL engines of the openGauss community.
    StorageEngine Develop and maintain the storage engine of the openGauss community.
    Connectors Develop and maintain the connectors of the openGauss community.
    Tools Develop and maintain the tools of the openGauss community.
    Docs Develop and maintain the documents of the openGauss community.
    Infra Develop and maintain the infrastructure of the openGauss community.
    Security Develop and maintain the security of the openGauss community.
    OM operation and maintenance of the openGauss community.
    AI Develop and maintain the AI capability of the openGauss community.
    IoT Develop and maintain the IoT capability of openGauss community.
    In-place Update Develop and maintain the in-place update engine of the openGauss community.
    GIS Develop and maintain the Geographic Information System of the openGauss community.
    CloudNative Develop and maintain the Cloud Native of the openGauss community.
    SecurityTechnology Develop and maintain the database security technology of the openGauss community.
    Certification Define and develop openGauss certification specification, test suite and process.
    Plugin build, manage and develop the plugin framework.
    Blockchain explore the blockchain use case, Study the core technical issues of blockchain
    DCF Develop and maintain Distributed Consensus Framework of the openGauss community.
    QA Develop and maintain released version quality of the openGauss community.
    Graph Responsible for the knowledge map data management function of unified storage and query of the openGauss community.
    ReleaseManagement The community collaborates with SIG Maintainers to plan openGauss community release and is responsible for the final competitiveness goal.
    CM Develop and maintain the cluster manager system of the openGauss community.


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