Choerodon猪齿鱼开源多云集成平台,基于开源技术Kubernetes,Istio,knative,Gitlab和Spring Cloud来实现本地和云端环境的集成,实现企业多云/混合云应用环境的一致性。平台通过提供精益敏捷、持续交付、容器环境、微服务、DevOps等能力来帮助组织团队来完...

Last updated: 7 days ago


This service is the management center of the Choerodon Microservices Framework. It`s main functions include configuration management, route managem...

Last updated: 7 months ago


The service is responsible for Agile process management and providing users with a better user experience through rich display.

Last updated: over 1 year ago


This service includes management functions of user, role, permission, organization, project, password policy, fast code, client, menu, icon, multi-...

Last updated: over 1 year ago


The gateway service is responsible for routing requests to real services. Pulling configuration information including routes from config-server to ...

Last updated: over 1 year ago


The service is responsible for managing issue types, priorities, states, and state machines at the organizational level, combining options in the f...

Last updated: over 1 year ago


Service Wiki Service is responsible for establishing communication with XWiki, handling XWiki related logic and forwarding it to other services.

Last updated: over 1 year ago


Choerodon's configuration service, configuration center for unified management of service configuration files. The local service directly applies t...

Last updated: almost 2 years ago