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    1.3K openEuler / kernel GVP

    The openEuler kernel is the core of the openEuler OS, serving as the foundation of system performance and stability and a bridge between processors, devices, and services.

    Last updated: 9 hours ago

    9 openGauss / infra

    openGauss infrastructure

    Last updated: 10 hours ago

    1.3K openGauss / openGauss-server GVP

    openGauss kernel ~ openGauss is an open source relational database management system.

    Last updated: 1 day ago

    10.5K 爬山虎 / ndd

    notepad--是一个国产跨平台、轻量级的文本编辑器,是替换notepad++的一种选择。其内置强大的代码对比功能,让你丢掉付费的beyond compare。

    Last updated: 1 day ago

    17 openGauss / CM

    openGauss CM

    Last updated: 3 days ago

    38 openGauss / community

    openGauss community

    Last updated: 4 days ago

    4 乞丐亦异 / haibinlee-ansible-roles

    运维中用到的 ansible roles,集成在这里啦。

    Last updated: 2 months ago

    1K lin-mt / effective-java-third-edition

    Effective Java 第三版全文翻译,纯属个人业余翻译,不合理的地方,望指正,感谢~

    Last updated: 3 months ago

    29 HyBench / Hybench

    HyBench ,a new benchmark for HTAP

    Last updated: 4 months ago

    5 enmotech / wal2json

    This project is a fork from wal2json, a compatibility version for openGuass.

    Last updated: 11 months ago


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