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🍬python for office

👉 http://www.python4office.cn/ 👈

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📚 Description

Python-office is a third-party library on office automation, which do covers its most use cases.

We are devoted to provide functionalities out-of-the-box, allowing beginners to achieve their goals in one line, without any knowledge requirements on the python language.

🍺 Features

  • Build your office automation environments in one command
  • Solve your problem in one line without learning python
  • Meet your need right on your workplace
  • Improve your efficiency at zero cost

📦 Installation

🍊 using pip

pip install -i https://mirrors.aliyun.com/pypi/simple/ python-office -U

📝 Documentation

📘 Chinese Document

🎬 Video Introduction

🛠 Components

All components bellow are under construction for now.

package description
excel excel processing
word word processing
ppt ppt processing
pdf pdf processing
file file system processing
tools efficient tools
web website helpers
email email processing
image image processing
video video processing
ocr character recognition & speech recognition

You can import each module separately according to your requirements, or simply import office to import everything (not recommended).

🏗 How to contribute

📐 Specifications

You are welcome to commit your code, following the specifications below:

Steps to participate in developing

  • For example, you ought to add a add function
    1. your GitHub account is demo
    2. you create the demo directory in ./contributors
    3. new add.py, in which you write your code
    4. finish editing, you commit a PR to the master branch (no matter on GitHub or gitee) with your naming proposal
    5. @CoderWanFeng receive it, test it, merge it and finally upload it to PyPI 🎉

📐 Code style

  1. Annotation. you should explain each parameter and returns of every new function. Unit test is alternative. You are allowed to sign it.
  2. Formatting. Note that you can only format your own code.
  3. Please pull request to master branch directly, which stands for the published version on PyPI. (This may change when contributors increase in the future)
  4. If we close your issue/PR, ease it. This is our way to keep it clean. You can still discuss it, and we would reopen it when there exists an acknowledged solution.

🧬Steps to contribute

  1. fork this repo (on GitHub or gitee)
  2. clone it to your local file system
  3. modify your code
  4. commit & push your changes to the remote repo
  5. pull request to the master branch after logging in to GitHub/gitee and fill some information
  6. wait for maintainers merging it

🎋 Instructions on the branches

This Repository contains 2 branches, listing as follows:

branch functionality
master main branch, published on PyPI, you should PR here
develop development branch, idling in fact

🐞 Provide bug feedback or suggestions

Please ensure the relationship to this repo. Other issue (such as learning python) is not allowed.

🪙 Support us

💳 Donation

Buy us a cup of coffee if you appreciate python-office. Thank you sincerely.

donate to this project 👈 the donation will be used to support the development of this project

donate to @CoderWanFeng

⭐Star python-office

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