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What's WeBASE?

WeBASE (WeBank Blockchain Application Software Extension) is a set of general components building between blockchain application and FISCO-BCOS Nodes. Each module is designed around blockchain transaction, contract, key management, data and visual management. Developers can choose subsystems for deployment according to business needs.

WeBASE shields the complexity of the bottom layer of the blockchain, reduces the threshold of developers, and greatly improves the development efficiency of the blockchain application. It includes subsystems such as node front, node management, web management platform, sign service, data export etc..

WeBASE standardizes the application and development of blockchain. After building the FISCO BCOS nodes, only five steps needed to develop and build the application of blockchain. For details of developing process, please refer to Using WeBASE to develop blockchain application

WeBASE One Click Installation (including FISCO BCOS nodes + WeBASE-Front + WeBASE-Node-Manager + WeBASE-Web) refers to WeBASE One-Click-Installation DocumentationWeBASE's overall structure design and the detailed introduction of the functions and installation of each subsystem, please refer to WeBASE Online Documentation

Subsystem introduction

  • Node Front service WeBASE-Front It integrates fisco-bcos-java-sdk and provides restful interface. The client can interact with the node in the form of HTTP. The built-in memory database collects the health data of the node. Built in Web console to realize the visual operation of nodes and solidity IDE etc..

  • Node management service WeBASE-Node-Manager Based on WeBASE-Front, handle all web requests from WeBASE-Web pages, manage the status of each node, manage all smart contracts on the chain, make statistics and Analysis on the data of the blockchain, audit abnormal transactions, private key management, etc.

  • WeBASE management platform WeBASE-Web Visual operation platform, based on which node information can be viewed and smart contracts can be developed.

  • Transcation service WeBASE-Transcation Receive transaction request, cache transaction to database and asynchronously chain up, which can greatly improve throughput and solve the TPS bottleneck problem of blockchain.

  • Private key Hosting and cloud signature service WeBASE-Sign Hosting user private key, providing cloud signature.

  • Data export code generation tool WeBASE-Codegen-Monkey The code generation tool can generate the core code of data export through configuration.

  • Data export service WeBASE-Collect-Bee Export the basic data on the blockchain, such as the current block height, total transaction volume, etc. export the business data of the contract on the blockchain, including the event, constructor, contract address, execution function information, etc. through the configuration of the smart contract.

  • Chain manage service WeBASE-Chain-Manager Manage multiple chains, support national secret chain, non-national secret chain. Provide group add, delete, check and change interface, so that users can easily establish their own application groups.

  • Contract security check service WeBASE-Solidity-Security Inherit contract detection tool Slither, provide external detection interface.

  • Data statistics service WeBASE-Stat Rely on WeBASE-Front,drag data on CPU, memory, IO, group size, group GAS, group network traffic and store into database.

  • Data monitoring service WeBASE-Data Rely on WeBASE-Front,export and parse blockchain data to provide a visual view of governance. You can check which chain, which user and which contract the transaction belongs to, and ensure that the data on the chain can be checked and managed.


Please read our contribution document to learn how to contribute your code and submit your contribution.

I hope that with your participation, WeBASE will get better and better!


Contact us: webase@webank.com

WeChat Community ID : WeBank_Blockchain

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WeBASE(WeBank Blockchain Application Software Extension) 是在区块链应用和fisco bcos节点之间搭建的一套通用组件。 expand collapse


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