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西瓜播放器是一个HTML5播放器类库,它本着一切都是组件化的原则设计了独立可拆卸的 UI 组件。更重要的是它不只是在 UI 层有灵活的表现,在功能上也做了大胆的尝试:摆脱视频加载、缓冲、格式支持对 video 的依赖。尤其是在 mp4 点播上做了较大的努力,让本不支持流式播放的 mp4 能做到分段加载,这就意味着可以做到清晰度无缝切换、加载控制、节省视频流量。同时,它也集成了对 flv、hls、dash 的点播和直播支持。 spread retract

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xgplayer is a web video player library. It has designed a separate, detachable UI component based on the principle that everything is componentized. More importantly, it is not only flexible in the UI layer, but also bold in its functionality: it gets rid of video loading, buffering, and format support for video dependence. Especially on mp4 it can be staged loading for that does not support streaming mp4. This means seamless switching with clarity, load control, and video savings. It also integrates on-demand and live support for FLV, HLS, and dash. Document


  1. Install

    $ npm install xgplayer
  2. Usage

    Step 1:

    <div id="vs"></div>

    Step 2:

    import Player from 'xgplayer';
    const player = new Player({
        id: 'vs',
        url: ''

    This is the easiest way to configure the player, then it runs with video. For more advanced content, see the plug-in section or documentation. more config


xgplayer provides more plugins. Plugins are divided into two categories: one is self-starting, and another inherits the player's core class named xgplayer. In principle, the officially provided plug-ins are self-starting and the packaged third-party libraries are inherited. Some feature plug-ins themselves can provide a downgrade scenario that suggests a self-start approach, or an inheritance approach if not. The player supports custom plugins for more content viewing plugins

The following is how to use a self-starting plug-in:

import Player from 'xgplayer';
import 'xgplayer-mp4';

const player = new Player({
    id: 'video',
    url: '//'

xgplayer-mp4plugin is self-starting, It loads mp4 video itself, parses mp4 format, implements custom loading, buffering, seamless switching, and so on. it will automatically downgrade devices that do not support MSE. details

Mobile Support

xgplayer supports mobile terminal, but android device brand and system are numerous, there are much compatibility problems, the player provides whitelist mechanism to ensure the perfect operation in mobile terminal. whitelist


For debugging, we provide the example video resource which size is large in github. You can clone the whole git repository which includes codes and example videos with 'git clone --recurse-submodules -j8'. With 'git clone' you will pull only codes of xgplayer and its plugins.

$ git clone --recurse-submodules -j8 # OR git clone
$ cd xgplayer
$ npm install
$ npm run dev

please visit http://localhost:9090/examples/index.html



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