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developer_dhq / JFinalExtensionJava

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JFinal框架的扩展 spread retract

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JFinal-Ext Introduction

JFinal-Ext(JFE for short) are extentions of JFinal(JF for short) which is a WEB+ORM framework for agile development ( including some commonly used functionalities,such as binding model automatically,registing routes automatically,importing and exporting excel,creating graphical report,unified exception handling,scheduling jobs,etc. for more details,see manual.Some demo code is under test package.


English Manual

Quick Start

maven/gralde users





Without Dependency Management Tool

Download url of JFE:

Download urls of JFE’s dependencies



Newest snapshot verson

Building From Source Code

JFE is a gradle-based( project,if you are useing grade, you can execute gradle build to build project,also can import the project using gralde’ method.

If you do not set up gradle,and not want to download and set up manully,execute gradlew script in project root path.

windows users should execute


linux users should execute


After download gralde automatically,execute ‘gradlew build’ to bulid project(maybe a little slow ,because need to download dependencies from maven centre the first time).After successful build,you can find war in the following path


If you want to import the project to debug,eclipse users should execute

gradlew eclipse

idea users should execute

gradlew idea

Other Open Source Projects


Extremely simple and flexbile code generator – JFinal-Code-Online

  • offical website:
  • github:
  • osc:

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