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FinClip / Agora-Miniapp-Tutorial

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Agora Miniapp Tutorial × FinClip



Built upon the Agora Miniapp SDK, the Agora Miniapp Sample App is an open-source demo that integrates video chat and live broadcast into your FinClip Mini Application.

With this sample app, you can:

  • Integrate the Agora Miniapp SDK
  • Join a channel
  • Push your local stream to the channel
  • Subscribe to remote streams in the same channel
  • Leave a channel

Preparing the Developer Environment

  1. Ensure that you have installed the FIDE.
  2. Ensure that you have a wechat OpenPlatform account that supports live-pusher and live-player. Only certified corporate accounts in certain industry have access to these two components. For details, click here .
  3. Ensure that you have granted access to the following domains in your OpenPlatform account:

Running the App

  1. Create a developer account at FinClip / Agora.io , create a new project and obtain an App ID, and enable the App Certificate.

  2. Download this project.

  3. Fill in the AppID and TOKEN in config.js in the utils folder of this project:

     const APPID = 'abcdefg'
     const TOKEN = 'some token'
  4. Contact contact@finogeeks.com / sales@agora.io to abtain the Agora Miniapp SDK, and rename the SDK to "mini-app-sdk-production.js".

  5. Save the "mini-app-sdk-production.js" under the lib folder of this project.

  6. Start the Developer Tool and import this project.

  7. Enter a channel name and join a channel. Invite your friend to join in the same channel and you will be able to see each other.

About the Token/Dynamic Key

If you have enabled the App Certificate, you will need to generate the Token/Dynamic Key at the server for authentication purposes. Use it in the following method:

	client.join(<your key/access token here>, channel, uid, () => {

See Token or Dynamic Key for generating the Token or Key at the server.


If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the sample projects, feel free to file an issue.

Related resources

  • Check our FAQ to see if your issue has been recorded.
  • Dive into Agora SDK Samples to see more tutorials
  • Take a look at Agora Use Case for more complicated real use case
  • Repositories managed by developer communities can be found at Agora Community
  • If you encounter problems during integration, feel free to ask questions in Stack Overflow


The sample projects are under the MIT license.

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