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:smiley:【 recommendation 】 a professional badminton competition system 【 diandiansai 】

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(Use wechat to sweep the experience, which will be open source soon)

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html css javascript skill Statr

Think hard - do more - summarize - insist

:star: This is a free and open source project involving the front-end knowledge database * * the most (5000 +), the most complete * *, and the largest number of participants!

:hash: I'm going to set a question

:bulb: Base HTML 1000+ CSS 1000+ JS 1000+ Skill 1000+
:newspaper: Special Vue 296+ React 338+ AngularJs ECMAScript 45+ NodeJs 84+ jQuery wxapp
:hammer: Tool webpack 13+
:coffee: Summary week history

:clock430: Today's Knowledge Points (2022.11.07) —— 1301 days

        :one: [js] 请说说window.location和document.location有什么区别?

:camel: History

:baby_chick: Exchange

Welcome to discuss, if you feel that it is helpful to your study, please click Star, and Welcome to the Wechat Sweeping Pay attention to the front-end sword to understand the WeChat Official Account, and join the "front-end learning 3 + 1" Wechat group to communicate with each other (click on the menu of the public number: group communication).

:point_right: Click to view the "excellence - 9th anniversary" video

:smiley: Message

  • In the Analects of Confucius, Zeng Zi said: "I examine myself three times every day." * (I reflect on myself many times every day)
  • Confucius said: * * "no anger, no enlightenment, no emotion, no hair. If one corner is not reversed by three, then it will be lost. "**
  • Front end interview every day 3 + 1, with interview questions to drive learning, daily progress!
  • Learning does not close, charging only for * * to meet a better self * , 365 days without holidays, * * every morning at 5:00 * * purely manual release interview questions ( * die hard, happy everyone * *).
  • I hope you can stay calm and spend 20 minutes every day studying and thinking in this front-end circle of exaggeration.
  • In this ever-changing, class libraries emerge in endlessly. It is recommended that you do not wait until you are looking for a job to brush your questions, and advocate * * daily learning * ! ( * do not forget the original intention * *, HTML, CSS, JavaScript are the cornerstone!)
  • Let effort become a habit, let struggle become a kind of enjoyment!
  • Believe in the power of * * stick to * *!!!

:question: How to learn

  • Whether you understand the topic or not, you have to think first and then Baidu. After thinking, you must write it out.
  • If it's a native JS question, don't rely on third-party libraries, such as jquery, etc.
  • Every day's questions are independent and do not need to be sequenced, but it is suggested that each question should be answered. If you will or will not, the answer will be known.
  • After you don't understand Baidu's title, don't copy a large paragraph directly, you should summarize it in your own words concisely.

:palm_tree: Source

:fire: Events

:family: Friendship Links

  • 【recommend】Welcome to work with jsliang to work on the front end and systematize the front-end knowledge. At present, we are wrestling with leetcode, intending to get through the relationship between algorithm and data structure。GitHub
  • See more

:trophy: Thanks

  • Thanks to all the friends who have contributed to "3 + 1 daily front end interview"! Of course, these contributors are not the only ones. If they are not added to this list, please contact me.
  • Please read the Contribution Guide before submitting PR Thank you to all the people who already contributed to 'Front-end interview 3+1 per day'!

:exclamation: Reprint

Recently, many friends on the Internet abused links and abused questions, packaged and charged, so that needy friends can not find the latest test questions, contrary to my original intention, added some statements:

  • Statement:
    1. You can reprint all the interview questions in it anywhere, but please add the address of the warehouse, because you seldom update it after reprinting, but the warehouse will be updated on time every day.
    2. I don't charge anything, I don't, I won't, I won't, I won't, I won't authorize anybody to charge.
    3. You do not need to crawl this warehouse, if you need any format, you can chat with me, such as local reading PDF, I have time to make PDF, for your convenience!

:copyright: License



前端面试每日 3+1,以面试题来驱动学习,提倡每日学习与思考,每天进步一点!每天早上5点纯手工发布面试题(死磕自己,愉悦大家) expand collapse
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