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华为移动服务 / hms-push-serverdemo-nodejs

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HMS Pushkit Node.js Severdemo

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Table of Contents


Node.js sample code encapsulates APIs of the HUAWEI Push Kit server. It provides many sample programs for your reference or usage.

The following table describes packages of Node.js sample code.

Package Description
examples Sample code packages. Each package can run independently to call an API.
utils Tool package, which contains common network requests and common verification methods.
push Package where APIs of the HUAWEI Push Kit server are encapsulated.


Before using Node.js sample code, ensure that the node environment has been installed.

In the nodejs-sdk project directory:

$ npm install

Run the sample project:

$ npm run build

Supported Environments

We support Node.js 8.13.0 and higher.

Please also note that the Sample Code should only be used in server-side/back-end environments controlled by the app developer. This includes most server and serverless platforms (both on-premise and in the cloud). It is not recommended to use the Sample Code in client-side environments.


Node.js sample code uses the index.ts file as the entry, creates a HcmNamespace object, calls a method in the object for initialization, enters a method module such as the message or topic method module, and then calls an API of the HUAWEI Push Kit server using a method in the module.

Before using functions provided by packages in examples, you need to set parameters for initialization in config.js.

Initialization Parameter Description
AppId App ID, which is obtained from app information.
AppSecret Secret access key of an app, which is obtained from app information.
AuthUrl URL for the Huawei OAuth 2.0 service to obtain a token, please refer to Generating an App-Level Access Token.
PushUrl URL for accessing HUAWEI Push Kit, please refer to Sending Messages.
Request Parameter Description
TargetTopic Name of a topic to be subscribed to, unsubscribed from, or queried.
TargetCondition Combination of condition expressions for a message.
TargetToken Token of a destination device.
TargetTokenArray Tokens of destination devices.

Sample Code

node.js sample code uses index.ts as the entry. Call methods on object HcmNamespace: messaging and topic.

The following table lists methods in HcmNamespace.

Method Description
messaging The entry of the Messaging object, and verify the initialization input parameters.
topic The entry of the Topic object, and verify the initialization input parameters.

The following table lists methods in Messaging.

Method Description
send Verify if the token needs to be updated and call the method sendRequest.
sendRequest Sends a message to a device.

The following table lists methods in Topic.

Method Description
subScribeTopic Subscribe to topic.
unSubScribeTopic Unsubscribe topic.
queryTopicList Query subject list.

1. Send an Android data message.

Code location: examples/send_data_message.js

2. Send an Android notification message.

Code location: examples/send_notify_message.js

3. Send a message by topic.

Code location: examples/send_topic_message.js

4. Send a message by conditions.

Code location: examples/send_condition_message.js

5. Send a message to a Huawei quick app.

Code location: examples/send_instance_app_message.js

6. Send a message through the WebPush agent.

Code location: examples/send_webpush_message.js

7. Send a message through the APNs agent.

Code location: examples/send_apns_message.js

8. Send a test message.

Code location: examples/send_test_message.js

Technical Support

If you want to evaluate more about HMS Core, r/HMSCore on Reddit is for you to keep up with latest news about HMS Core, and to exchange insights with other developers.

If you have questions about how to use HMS samples, try the following options:

  • Stack Overflow is the best place for any programming questions. Be sure to tag your question with huawei-mobile-services.
  • Huawei Developer Forum HMS Core Module is great for general questions, or seeking recommendations and opinions.

If you run into a bug in our samples, please submit an issue to the Repository. Even better you can submit a Pull Request with a fix.


Pushkit Node.js sample is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.


华为推送服务服务端Node.js示例代码,对华为推送的服务端接口进行封装,包含丰富的示例程序,方便您参考或直接使用。 expand collapse


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