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jackiesun8 authored up
Notice: Creating folder will generate an empty file .keep, because not support in Git


For linux, install autoconf first for jemalloc

git clone
cd skynet
make 'PLATFORM'  # PLATFORM can be linux, macosx, freebsd now

Or you can :

export PLAT=linux

For freeBSD , use gmake instead of make .


Run these in different console

./skynet examples/config	# Launch first skynet node  (Gate server) and a skynet-master (see config for standalone option)
lua examples/client.lua 	# Launch a client, and try to input some words.

About Lua

Skynet put a modified version of lua 5.2.3 in 3rd/lua , it can share proto type between lua state ( .

Each lua file only load once and cache it in memory during skynet start . so if you want to reflush the cache , call skynet.cache.clear() .

You can also use the offical lua version , edit the makefile by yourself .

How To (in Chinese)

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