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Kooder is an open source code search project, offering code, repositories and issues search service for code hosting platforms including Gitee, GitLab and Gitea.


Kooder ScreenShot

There are two modules, gateway and indexer. Gateway is integrated inside gateway under default config.


  • Accept index tasks from HTTP requests and put them in the queue after examing it
  • Accept search requests and return their results back to the client


  • Monitor the index tasks inside the queue
  • Update these add, delete and update index tasks back to the index library


  • core Core object and public class
  • gateway Accept index and search requests from HTTP requests
  • indexer A service to construct, update and delete index

Logic Flow

Kooder Flow

Install source code


  • openjdk >= 8
  • maven > 3

2.Download source code

$ git clone https://gitee.com/koode/kooder.git
$ cd kooder


Config file: kooder.properties

Config kooder's url http.url. It will be injected into Git service as the webhook URL, must be accessible for Git service, such as:

http.url = http://<kooder-host>:8080

Click here to see more config options configuration.md

Install Docker

Single container deploy


  • docker-ce environment
  • docker-compose

After cloning this repo, in a machine with docker compose installed, run the following command:

### Run containers in the background
docker-compose up -d 

### Stop and remove containers
docker-compose down

ha deploy

### Run containers in the background
docker-compose -f docker-compose-ha.yaml up -d

### Stop and remove containers
docker-compose -f docker-compose-ha.yaml down

This is how it will look like:

Kooder docker-ha

After modifing the config file core/src/main/resources/kooder.properties, run the following commands; delete local kooder image and rebuid it.

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d 

View service startup status

docker logs -f CONTAINER_ID
2021-04-07 13:28:49 INFO [gateway] - Tasks [indexer,gitee] started.
2021-04-07 13:28:49 INFO [gateway] - READY (*:8080)!

The log output as the above information indicates that the startup is successful


Every startup will execute mvn install to ensure that the configuration file takes effect

Use it in Gitlab

Config following properties:

http.startup.tasks = indexer,gitlab
gitlab.url = http://gitlab-host:gitlab-port/  
gitlab.personal_access_token = <root user personal access token>  
git.username = root  
git.password =  

Kooder will use access token as the password if you don't offer one.

Use it in Gitee

Config following properties:

http.startup.tasks = indexer,gitee
gitee.url = https://gitee.com/  
gitee.personal_access_token = <root user personal access token>  
git.username = root  
git.password =  

Kooder will use access token as the password if you don't offer one.

Use it in Gitea

1.Site Administration

2.Add Gitea Webhook

3.Set up Webhook

  • Set Target URL to http://kooder-ip:kooder-port/gitea
  • Set POST Content Type to POST + application/json
  • CheckAll Event or Custom Events for the Trigger On option. ( If you choose Custom Events, you need to check Repo, Push and Issue)

2.Config following properties.

http.startup.tasks = indexer,gitea
gitea.secret_token = <webhook secret token>
gitea.url = http://gitea-ip:prot/
gitea.personal_access_token = <admin user personal access token>
git.username = <admin username>
git.password = <admin password>

Index repository from file

Kooder currently supports repository indexing for the same hosting platform. If you need to index multiple hosting platforms, you can do a split import.

Config kooder.properties

//Enable index repository from file

http.startup.tasks = indexer,file  //Add file field

file.index.path = C:/Documents/Kooder/file.txt   //Config file path of file.txt

file.index.vender = gitee //Specify the corresponding code hosting platform

Content of file.txt

// Add the repository URL of the hosting platform specified in the configuration

Build and Run

$ cd Kooder
$ mvn install
### Run gateway
$ bin/gateway.sh
### Brower visits http://localhost:8080

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Kooder 是 Gitee 团队开发的一个代码搜索系统,为 Gitee/GitLab/Gitea 提供代码搜索服务 expand collapse
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