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此仓库是为了提升国内下载速度的镜像仓库,每日同步一次。 原始仓库: https://github.com/bripkens/dock/
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dock is a shell script to help you easily bootstrap databases and other tools that you need for development purposes. Instead of installing something like MongoDB or Redis natively on your machine, you can run it in a Docker container with just a single command dock mongodb. The main purpose of dock is to make the interaction with Docker dead simple for quick prototypes and hackathons.

Typical usage

$ dock redis jenkins mongodb rabbitmq

Starting redis (using /Users/ben/.dock-formulas/formulas/redis)
Container started
Name:           redis
Ports:          6379

Starting jenkins (using /Users/ben/.dock-formulas/formulas/jenkins)
Container started
Name:           jenkins
Ports:          8472

Starting mongodb (using /Users/ben/.dock-formulas/formulas/mongodb)
Container started
Name:           mongodb
Ports:          27017

Starting rabbitmq (using /Users/ben/.dock-formulas/formulas/rabbitmq)
Container started
Name:           rabbitmq
Ports:          5672 15672
Admin user:     admin
Admin pw:       A3y6crBkMk8k

For additional usage instructions, run dock without arguments.


First make sure that you have Docker running on your machine. Then continue with the installation of dock:

As of the time of writing the Homebrew Docker installer is broken. boot2docker is currently the easiest way to get a working Docker environment on OS X.

dock versions >= 1.0.0 are compatible with boot2docker 1.3 and beyond. Please use v0.6.3 when you are using an old boot2docker version or upgrade your boot2docker installation.

Installation on OS X using Homebrew

brew tap bripkens/dock
brew install dock

Upgrade on OS X using Homebrew

brew update
brew upgrade dock

Installation on other platforms

Just download dock and put it somewhere on your $PATH. Then:

chmod +x /path/to/dock   # Make dock executable
dock -u                  # Initialise dock

You can automate this with the following one-liner (assuming ~/bin is on your $PATH).

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bripkens/dock/master/dock -so ~/bin/dock && \
     chmod +x ~/bin/dock && \
     dock -u && \
     echo "dock installation successful. Try running 'dock'"

Command completion

To add command completion for fish hell, copy the dock.fish file to ~/.config/fish/completions.

Supported programs

For a list of supported programs run dock -l or check out this repository's formulas/ directory. Feel free to send a pull request for any awesome Docker containers that are still missing!

Private formulas

Dock will look for custom formulas in a .dock-formulas directory relative to your current working directory. So if you need a formula for a custom docker image that you don't want to make public through docker hub, you can put your formulas there.

Contributing formulas

I will gladly accept your formulas. The following points describe the basic process of adding a new formula.

  • Fork this repository
  • git clone <your fork>
  • Add a new file to the formulas/ directory
  • Check out existing formulas for the basic formula structure
  • Try the new formula locally bash formulas/<my new formula>
  • Commit, push and open a pull request


dock was written by Ben Ripkens (@BenRipkens).

Structure and readme are heavily inspired by Simon Whitaker's gibo.

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