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TGUI source code in TGUIv2 -> TGUI

You can click on the following URL to know the situation, you can click on the following URL

The source file is in the GUI folder of TGUIv2, and TGUIv2 is the whole project file. The GUI was tested on the STM32F429, written using c++, is still improving functionality, does not support transplantation, but I will speed up. Now it has been implemented: Window, message mechanism of control Base controls: Button, slider, radio, check, list, progress bar, text box keyboard Layout class

This time rewrites the drawing function, and the invalid area and the rectangular cutting are realized.

Because of the very simple and no text description, you can first see the screenshot to understand the situation. (from Baidu translate >_<)


源文件在TGUIv2中的GUI文件夹,TGUIv2为整个项目文件。 该GUI是在STM32F429上测试的,使用了c++进行编写,目前仍在完善功能,暂不支持移植,但我会加快速度。 目前实现了: 窗口,控件的消息机制 基础的控件: 按键、滑块、单选、复选、列表、进度条、文本框 键盘 拥有布局类

本次重写了绘图函数,实现了无效区以及矩形切割。 由于做的十分简单而且没有的文字说明,大家可以先看截图了解情况。(英文为百度翻译 >_<)

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