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openEuler Community

Welcome to openEuler community! This repository will guide you to get started for joining and contributing to openEuler community. This would be a good starting point for any activities in openEuler community.


The Communicating lists all the communication channels including chat(IRCs), mail(mail lists) and meeting(meeting channels), by which you can join openEuler community conveniently.

Learn to use

Please refer to Learning to learn how to use.


Picking the SIGs would be a good start for the first step to contribute. After that, join into the IRC channel, and subscribe the relevant mail list. Each SIG has a set of issues with "Help wanted" label that will help new contributors to start the first contribution. Additionally, fixing the docs issues would be another good start point for who is not familiar with coding.

The [] in each project provides the detailed instruction on how to contribute step by step. However, before you submit the PR, please ensure the CLA signed. Please follow the steps


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