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About Compass-CI

Compass-CI is an open-source software platform supporting continuous integration. It provides developers with test, login, assistant fault demarcation, and historical data-based analysis services for upstream open-source software (from Github, Gitee, GitLab, and other hosting platforms). Compass-CI performs automatic tests (including the build tests and the use case tests included in software packages) based on the open-source software PR to build an open and complete test system.


Test Service

Compass-CI monitors Git repositories of many open-source software. Once a code update is detected, Compass-CI automatically triggers the automated test. Developers can also manually submit for test.

Logging In to the Commissioning Environment

Using SSH to log in to the test environment for commissioning

Test Result Analysis

Analyze and compare historical test results through the Web interface.

Test Result Reproduction

All deterministic parameters for test running are recorded in the job.yaml file. Submit the job.yaml file again to run the same test in the same software and hardware environments.

Error Locating

If a new error ID is generated, the bisect is automatically triggered to locate the commit that introduces the error ID.

Getting Started

Automated Test

  1. Add the URL of the repository to be tested to the upstream-repos repository. Compiling test cases and add the URL to the lkp-tests repository. For details, see this document.
  2. Run the git push command to update the repository. The test is automatically triggered.
  3. On the web page, click view and compare to view the test result. (web: https://compass-ci.openeuler.org/jobs)

Automatic Test Example

How can I automatically test my repository https://github.com/baskerville/backlight on Compass-CI?

  1. Fork upstream-repos repository (https://gitee.com/wu_fengguang/upstream-repos) and git clone it to the local host.

  2. Create the b/backlight/backlight file. The file content is as follows:

    - https://github.com/baskerville/backlight
  3. Add test case

    You can compile test cases and add them to the lkp-tests repository.

    You can also use the existing test cases in the jobs directory of the lkp-tests repository (https://gitee.com/wu_fengguang/lkp-tests).

    Add the DEFAULTS file to the directory where the backlight file is stored and add the configuration information.

    - command: testbox=vm-2p16g os=openeuler os_version=20.03 os_mount=cifs os_arch=aarch64 api-avx2neon.yaml
      - master
      - next
    - command: testbox=vm-2p16g os=openeuler os_version=20.03 os_mount=cifs os_arch=aarch64 other-avx2neon.yaml
      - branch_name_a
      - branch_name_b
  4. Submit a PR to add the new file to the upstream-repos repository.

Manually Submitting a Test Task

  1. Install the compass-ci client.
  2. Compile test cases then manually submit a test task.
  3. On the web page, click view and compare to view the test result.


  1. The Compass-CI client has been installed following the procedure in Install the compass-ci client ).

  2. Submit the test in a YAML file. You need to prepare the YAML file of the test task in advance.

    You can directly use the existing test cases in the jobs directory of the lkp-tests repository (https://gitee.com/wu_fengguang/lkp-tests).

    The following uses iperf.yaml as an example:

    suite: iperf
    category: benchmark
    runtime: 300s
    cluster: cs-localhost
    if role server:
    if role client:
        - tcp
        - udp
  3. Run the submit command to submit the iperf.yaml test task.

    hi8109@account-vm ~% submit iperf.yaml testbox=vm-2p8g
    submit iperf.yaml, got job_id=z9.173924
    submit iperf.yaml, got job_id=z9.173925

Logging in to the Test Environment

  1. Send an email to compass-ci-robot@qq.com to apply for an account.
  2. Complete the environment configuration based on the email feedback.
  3. Add the sshd field to the test task and submit the corresponding task. Log in to the test environment.


The test case is spinlock.yaml. If a submitted test case fails to be executed, how do I log in to the executor to perform commissioning?

suite: spinlock
category: benchmark
- 1
  1. To log in to the executor before running the spinlock test script, modify the YAML file as follows:

    suite: spinlock
    category: benchmark
    - 1
    ssh_pub_key: <%= File.read("#{ENV['HOME']}/.ssh/id_rsa.pub").chomp rescue nil %>
    runtime: 1h

    ssh_pub_key: Carries the local pub_key for password-free login.

    sshd: Indicates that the executor needs to run the lkp-tests/damon/sshd script to establish an SSHR reverse tunnel for SSH login.

    runtime: sleep time

    sleep: Placed before spinlock, indicating that the spinlock script is executed one hour after sleep.

  2. To log in to the executor after the spinlock test fails, modify the YAML file as follows:

    suite: spinlock
    category: benchmark
    - 1
        sleep: 1h

    on_fail: The test case is executed after the test case fails to be executed.

  3. Run the submit -m -c spinlock.yaml command to submit the modified YAML file.

    After the SSHD tunnel is established, the PC automatically connects to the executor.

    hi8109@account-vm ~% submit -m -c spinlock.yaml
    submit spinlock.yaml, got job id=z9.10155176
    connect to ws://api.compass-ci.openeuler.org:20001/filter
    The dc-8g testbox is starting. Please wait about 30 seconds
    {"level_num":2,"level":"INFO","time":"2021-09-17T17:21:12.982+0800","tbox_name":"dc-8g.taishan200-2280-2s48p-256g--a67-14","job_id":"z9.10155176","ssh_port":"21063","message":"","state":"set ssh port","status_code":200,"method":"POST","resource":"/~lkp/cgi-bin/report_ssh_info","api":"report_ssh_info","elapsed_time":0.414042,"elapsed":"414.04µs"}
    ssh root@ -p 21063 -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o LogLevel=error
    root@dc-8g.compass-ci.net ~#

Contributing to Compass-CI

We welcome new contributors, and we are happy to provide guidance to our contributors. Compass-CI is mainly a project developed using Ruby, and we follow the Ruby Community Code Style. If you want to participate in the community and contribute to the Compass-CI project, this page will provide you with more information, including all languages and tools used by Compass-CI.


All test results have been added to the open-source software list of the Compass-CI platform. Historical test results can be found on the official website.

Joining Us

You can join us by subscribing our mailing list.

Welcome to join us to improve:

  • The git bisect capability.
  • The data analysis capability.
  • The data result visualization capability.

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