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lizhizhou / OpenFPGAduinoJavaScriptAGPL-3.0

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OpenFPGAduino 是基于 nodejs 与 FPGA 的开源嵌入式物联网软硬件开发平台。 spread retract

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lizhizhou authored Update
Notice: Creating folder will generate an empty file .keep, because not support in Git


All open source files and projects for OpenFPGAduino project

Official web site includes document and video demo

The live demo

Build environment

Prepare the Build environment

  Install the docker:

  Pull the view:
  git clone --recursive

  Run the script to prepare the build environment
  cd OpenFPGAduino

Build all:

  In the container build all the source code:



Contributing to the code

Check the dash board on work items

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