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dengxuyue authored 2021-09-23 15:19 . Patch for 930 release
# The openGauss make files exploit features of GNU make that other
# makes do not have. Because it is a common mistake for users to try
# to build openGauss with a different make, we have this make file
# that, as a service, will look for a GNU make and invoke it, or show
# an error message if none could be found.
# If the user were using GNU make now, this file would not get used
# because GNU make uses a make file named "GNUmakefile" in preference
# to "Makefile" if it exists. openGauss is shipped with a
# "GNUmakefile". If the user hasn't run the configure script yet, the
# GNUmakefile won't exist yet, so we catch that case as well.
all check install installdirs installcheck installcheck-parallel uninstall clean distclean maintainer-clean dist distcheck world check-world install-world installcheck-world:
@if [ ! -f GNUmakefile ] ; then \
echo "You need to run the 'configure' program first. See the file"; \
echo "'INSTALL' for installation instructions." ; \
false ; \
@IFS=':' ; \
for dir in $$PATH; do \
for prog in gmake gnumake make; do \
if [ -f $$dir/$$prog ] && ( $$dir/$$prog -f /dev/null --version 2>/dev/null | grep GNU >/dev/null 2>&1 ) ; then \
GMAKE=$$dir/$$prog; \
break 2; \
fi; \
done; \
done; \
if [ x"$${GMAKE+set}" = xset ]; then \
echo "Using GNU make found at $${GMAKE}"; \
$${GMAKE} $@ ; \
else \
echo "You must use GNU make to build PostgreSQL." ; \
false; \


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