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SpringBoot Plugin Development Framework


This framework can develop plugins for extension projects on the SpringBoot project, and can define extension functions such as interface, static file and Mybatis-xml separately in the plugin module.


  • Based on Pf4j development.
  • Plugin configuration plug in SpringBoot project.
  • Plugin development can be carried out on springboot with strong expansibility. Different plugins can be developed for different projects and different plugin jar packages can be deployed.
  • You can specify whether to enable or disable plugins through the configuration file, and you can specify the order in which plugins are started.
  • It supports uploading plugins and plugin configuration files to the server, and dynamically deploying and updating plugins without restarting the main program.
  • It supports viewing plugin operation status and plugin installation location.
  • Without restarting the main program, dynamically install, uninstall, enable, stop, backup and delete plugins through the interface.
  • On the plugin application module, spring annotations can be used to define components for dependency injection.
  • Supports the development of Http-Restful interfaces in plugins
  • Support to define persistence layer access and other requirements separately in the plugin.
  • You can follow the plugin interface provided by the main program to develop any extended functions.
  • It supports annotation for any business scenario extension, and uses defined coordinates for scenario hit.
  • Plugin can customize independent configuration files according to the production and development environment. Currently only YML files are supported.
  • It supports user-defined extension development interface, and users can extend additional functions on the reserved interface.
  • Supports method calls between plugins.
  • Supporting plugin http interface documentation: SwaggerSpringDoc
  • The plugin supports custom development of the 'Spring-MVC interceptor`.

Expansion pack

SpringBoot-Mybatis Expansion

  1. Supports customizing the mapper interface, mapper XML and the corresponding entity Bean in the plugin
  2. Support integration MybatisMybatis-PlusTk-Mybatis
  3. Supports independent configuration of DataSources in plugin

Static resource access Extension

  1. Supports accessing static resources in plugins through HTTP
  2. Support Thymeleaf template engine for interface plugin development

Plugin Log Extension

  1. The plugin can independently configure the integrated logback log
  2. The plugin can independently configure the integrated log4j2 log


  1. jdk1.8+d
  2. apache maven 3.6+
  3. spring-boot 2.0.0+

Maven repository



Derivative products

Background management system with front and rear plugin function

ETL Tool



QQ: 859570617(After you like the framework, you can enter the group. Please note the Gitee/GitHub nickname before entering the group)

Framework maintenance

Welcome all development enthusiasts to participate in the maintenance and extension development of the framework

See for extended development documents: - springboot-plugin-framework Extended

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SpringBoot扩展: 框架可快速集成到SpringBoot中, 可拓展出插件功能, 在插件中开发接口,业务,持久层访问等功能 spread retract

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