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[]( https://gitee.com/werde/think-yxc-cms/tree/main# %E4% B8% BB% E8% A6% 81% E6% 96% B0% E7% 89% B9% E6% 80% A7)

Based on thinkphp6 and the high efficiency and high performance of xinopph, the CMS system is optimized and reconstructed The back end is based on PHP + MYSQL, and the front end is based on layui + jQuery 3.1, which is a general CMS system. At present, it is in the beta version, updating and fixing bugs irregularly Build on the latest version of thinkphpv6.0! The pursuit of the ultimate at the same time for PHP name! Who says PHP is not the best language in the world?! The performance is far better than that of similar products on the market. We will continue to upgrade and optimize in the later stage to improve the user experience by using the xino system for reference! Support plug-in mechanism, quickly expand the system. There are many products developed on the market based on thinkph5, but only a few based on thinkp6. Therefore, a set of system is developed from the heart. Simplify while pursuing the ultimate performance, later will add more high-performance features and upgrade Oh! Official website: https://www.werde.cn Official website: https://www.aitu666.cn Don't be stingy with your little star! Github: https://github.com/llllyang123/thinkyxc Gitee download address: https://gitee.com/werde/think-yxc-cms Welcome to technology group: Click the link to join the group chat [thinkyxc-cms system ① group]:[ https://jq.qq.com/? _ wv=1027&k=aujuhkuJ]( https://jq.qq.com/?_ wv=1027&k=aujuhkuJ)

[]( https://gitee.com/werde/think-yxc-cms/tree/main# %E4% B8% BB% E8% A6% 81% E6% 96% B0% E7% 89% B9% E6% 80% A7) main new features

*Adopt 'php7' strong type (strict mode) *Support more 'PSR' specifications *Native multi application support *More powerful and easy to use queries *New event system *Model events and database events are integrated into the event system *Template engine separates core *Middleware of internal functions *Improvement of session / cookie mechanism *Support for improvement of spool and coroutine *Be more ide friendly *Unify and simplify a lot of usage *Support plug-in *Almost all of them have the cache function, the article content can be updated in real time, and support high concurrency *The same user access frequency limit is added to improve the performance *Follow up continuous optimization and upgrading

[]( https://gitee.com/werde/think-yxc-cms/tree/main# %E4% B8% BB% E8% A6% 81% E6% 96% B0% E7% 89% B9% E6% 80% A7) document description

Very pure based on thinkphp6, no redundant library, greatly reduce the coupling at the same time explore deeper performance! Almost all products of the same type in the market have developed their own library separately, which not only improves the coupling degree, but also reduces the performance. Just think about it: I only need to load a home page, but I need to load the library of ThinkPHP, as well as the library files developed by the developers themselves. When there are many functions, I need to load the library files of other functions. Think about how cumbersome it is! How can the performance be fast! Its name is convenient and rapid development, but in fact there are too many non-standard standards. We should not only learn to adapt to the standard of ThinkPHP, but also learn the code standard of the system we use. While the learning cost is increased, a lot of energy is wasted. It's like a mobile phone manufacturer racking his brains to make the mobile phone thin, but you give it a shell more than one centimeter thick and tell the consumer that it's your new product #Sponsorship Alipay WeChat payment ![policy editor]( https://gitee.com/werde/yxc_ images/raw/master/image/zhifubao-300.jpg) ![policy editor]( https://gitee.com/werde/yxc_ images/raw/master/image/weixin-300.jpg)

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About 基于最新的ThinkPHPV6.0版本倾力打造!追求极致的同时为PHP正名!谁说PHP不是世界上最好的语言?!性能远超市面同类产品,百万数据压测,借鉴xiuno系统,后期会持续升级优化,提高用户体验!支持插件机制,快速的扩展系统。 expand collapse
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