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ZStack: the IaaS software you have been looking for. http://zstack.org

ZStack is open source IaaS(infrastructure as a service) software aiming to automate datacenters, managing resources of compute, storage, and networking all by APIs. Users can setup ZStack environments in a download-and-run manner, spending 5 minutes building a POC environment all on a single Linux machine, or 30 minutes building a multi-node production environment that can scale to hundreds of thousands of physical servers.

ZStack provides the capability of managing everything in a datacenter by APIs, fulfilling the goal of software-defined datacenter. Users control their clouds using either web UI or command line tool both of which interact with ZStack management nodes; NO scattered configurations, dependent software installation, services HA, and thirdparty monitoring are needed, all of them are taken care of by ZStack itself, which provides a great simplicity for stable long-term operation.

Why ZStack?

ZStack is designed to tackle two problems -- complexity and stability -- that users building clouds based on open source IaaS software have been suffered for a long time.

In terms of complexity, ZStack sticks to the design principles of APIs managing everything, full automation, self-managed services, no hardware lockin, and user-friendly query APIs, providing a software easy to setup and long-term operation.

In terms of stability, ZStack was born with a plugin system that adding or removing features will not impact existing codes, a workflow engine that can rollback completed changes on error, a cascade framework that can spread an operation from a resource to dependent resources, and three rigorous automated testing systems that guard every single feature, solving the stability issue in architectural designs.

Besides, ZStack is extremely scalable that a single management node is capable of managing hundreds of thousands of physical servers, managing millions of virtual machines, and serving tens of thousands of concurrent API requests, particular suitable for building large-scale public clouds.

Key Strength


A single management node is capable of managing hundreds of thousands of physical servers, managing millions of virtual machines, and serving tens of thousands of concurrent API requests.


Operations are extremely fast, see below performance data of creating VMs.

1 0.51 seconds
10 1.55 seconds
100 11.33 seconds
1000 103 seconds
10000 23 minutes

Network functions virtualization

The default networking model is built on NFV(network functions virtualization), which provides every tenant a dedicated networking node implemented by a virtual appliance VM. The whole networking model is self-contained and self-managed, administrators need neither to purchase special hardware nor to deploy networking servers in front of computing servers.

Comprehensive query APIs

Users can query everything everywhere by about 4,000,000 query conditions and countless query combinations. You will never need to write ad-hoc scripts or directly access database to search a resource, it's all handled by APIs.

 >> QueryVmInstance vmNics.eip.guestIp= zone.name=west-coast
 >> QueryHost fields=name,uuid,managementIp hypervisorType=KVM vmInstance.allVolumes.size>=549755813888000 vmInstance.state=Running start=0 limit=10

Easy to deploy and upgrade

Installation and upgrade are as simple as deploying a Java WAR file. A POC environment can be installed in 5 minutes with a bootstrap script; A multi-node production environment can be deployed in 30 minutes including the time you read the documentation.

Quick access:

Full automation

Everything is managed by APIs, no manual, scattered configurations in your cloud. And the seamless, transparent integration with Ansible liberates you from installing, configuring, and upgrading agents on massive hardware.

Versatile plugin system

The core orchestration is built on an Eclipse and OSGI like plugin system that everything is a plugin. ZStack affirms that adding or removing features will not impact the core orchestration, promising a robust software the cloud users deserve.

Rigorous testing system

Three full-automated, rigorous testing systems ensure the quality of every feature.


Installation of ZStack is super easy; users can choose different methods depending on their needs to install the first ZStack environment:

Once the installation is done, users can follow one of getting started guides:


Six tutorials are prepared for your first journey in ZStack, building classic cloud deployments all on one single Linux machine:

Elastic IP:
Flat Network:
Three Tiered Network:
Security Group:
Port Forwarding:

Under the hood

Under the hood, ZStack is built on an architecture explained by following articles:


ZStack's Scalability Secrets Part 1: Asynchronous Architecture

ZStack's Scalability Secrets Part 2: Stateless Services

ZStack's Scalability Secrets Part 3: Lock-free Architecture

Plugin Architecture:

The In-Process Microservices Architecture

The Versatile Plugin System

The Tag System

The Workflow Engine

The Cascade Framework

Query API:

The Query API


Full Automation By Ansible

Storage And Network:

Networking Model 1: L2 and L3 Network

Networking Model 2: Virtual Router Network Service Provider

Storage Model: Primary Storage and Backup Storage


The Automation Testing System 1: Integration Testing

The Automation Testing System 2: System Testing

The Automation Testing System 3: Model-based Testing

More Documentation Resources

ZStack documentation


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.


ZStack 是全新的开源 IaaS 软件,它的诞生是为了解决困绕 IaaS 软件的几大难题:复杂度、稳定性、可伸缩性和灵活性。 expand collapse
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