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ztmz_pacenote 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Thanks for the efforts from the community, ZTMZ Club Pacenote Tool, which has all tracks' pacenotes customized was released since version 2.4.4.

PR and Issue are welcome !!!


The pacenote tool from ZTMZ Club, can be used to customize the pacenotes in the game Dirt Rally 2.0,ZTMZ Club QQ Group:207790761; QQ Group for pacenotes recording & customization:697673264


  1. Download the executable installer "ZTMZClub_PacenoteTool_Installer_x.y.z.exe" from Link and double click it to install.
  2. During the installation, it will download and install dotnet6 runtime for you in case of no dotnet6 on you machine. A UAC window would prompt before dotnet6 installation, just click "OK" to let it continue.
  3. Start the game Dirt Rally 2.0
  4. Turn off the default codriver calls in the game (set Speech to 0 in the Audio settings.)
  5. Have fun with any rally track (RX not supported currently).

How to use with SIMHUB

  1. Change the listening UDP port in the "Settings" page (clicking the Settings button in the top-right of the main UI window).
  2. Start SIMHUB,click Game Settings besides DR2.0 game.
  3. check UDP Forwarding,and add a record forwarding to and port 20778.
  4. Keep SIMHUB and ZTMZClub Pacenote Tool open, then start the game.
  5. For Dirt Rally Telemetry just add one more record in SIMHUB forwarding to and port 10001.


File Structure (located in %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/ZTMZClub)

  • codrivers stores codriver audio packages, you can create your own (Any language) with 【腾讯文档】路书对照表 and according to the format of other audio packages. Audio files in a named folder will be played randomly.
  • lang Multi-language support.
  • profiles stores the pacenotes (both scripts and pure audio pacenotes). You can create other folder besides the default folder for your own pacenotes group.
  • Python38 (only for dev version) Python38 environment
  • speech_model (only for dev version) Vosk speech recognition model, for automatically recording the pacenote from the game.


  • OnlyR.Core code for audio recording, from AntonyCorbett/OnlyR
  • ZTMZ.PacenoteTool main project
  • ZTMZ.PacenoteTool.Base configuration, i18n, etc.
  • ZTMZ.PacenoteTool.ScriptEditor pacenote editor
  • ZTMZ.PacenoteTool.AudioBatchProcessor batch audio processor



How to contribute

  1. Fork the project
  2. Install .net 6.0 SDK
  3. Use visual studio 2022 or JetBrains Rider to open ZTMZ.PacenoteTool.sln in the root directory of the project.
  4. Make modifications and tests, create PR.


  • 小贤少少 : contribution to the club
  • Meeke777 : the idea of the tool
  • Greened U幻想最初 : collection of the pacenote tokens
  • Bigboxx : advices to the tool and making audio packages
  • 圣沙蒙VK : recording audio packages and pure audio pacenote recording
  • 紫藤林沫 : recording audio packages
  • 拉稀车手老王 : recording and making of the audio packages
  • [Pacenotes recording]:
    • HanXu
    • 回家的誘いをかける
    • 栗悟饭とカメハメ波
    • Meeke777
    • O.Z. (Gliese-436b)
    • Silenig
    • smoke (DR2略略略)
    • Zexx

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