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title: Harmony 3 Graphics Package nav_order: 1

Microchip Technology MPLAB® Harmony 3 Graphics Support Package

MPLAB® Harmony 3 is an extension of the MPLAB® ecosystem for creating embedded firmware solutions for Microchip 32-bit SAM and PIC® microcontroller and microprocessor devices. Refer to the following links for more information:

This repository contains the MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Suite. The suite supports a free fast to market, graphics software development environment for Microchip MPLAB® 32-bit SAM and PIC® microprocessor devices. Refer to the following graphics links for release notes, home page, training materials, framework and application help. Graphics application examples can be found at various device-family specific repositories.


The key features of the MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Suite are the following:

  • Hardware optimized for use with Microchip 32-bit SAM and PIC® devices
  • Compatible component for use with Microchip Harmony 3 Configurator (MHC)
  • Written in C with MISRA C (Mandatory) compliancy
  • RTOS and non-RTOS support
  • Configurable widget building blocks buttons, labels, lists, sliders, and images
  • Rich tool set: Heap Estimator, Event Manager, Palette generator, Asset Manager, String and Font interface, DDR memory organizer
  • Hardware integrated for Microchip GPU and display controller peripherals
  • Support for single and double frame buffers
  • Multi-language font support
  • External input support for use with capacitive, resistive and other devices
  • UI design editor for what-you-see-what-you-get (WYSWYG) graphics layouts
  • Fluid-UI support for alpha-blending, animations, scaling
  • Pixel format support for RGBA8888, RGB888, RGB565, RGB5551, RGB332, GS8
  • Multi-image support for industry standard formats, compression choices, external memory accessibility
  • Fully functional demonstrations and quick-starts to enable new development
  • Low memory and low power configurable

Contents Summary

Folder Description
Legato Legato graphics library, drivers, applications, and tools.
Blank Blank graphics interface for third-party graphics libraries

Legato Graphics

The performance improved graphics for MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Suite. Supports Microchip PIC32 and SAM microcontrollers.

Category Item Description Release Type
drivers glcd Driver for the GLCD display controller peripheral app-beta
2dgpu Driver for the 2DGPU graphics processor app-beta
lcc Driver for the LCC software display controller app-beta
gfx2d Driver for the GFX2D graphics processor app-beta
lcdc Driver for the LCDC display controller peripheral app-beta
external controller Driver generator for external display controllers app-beta
ssd1963 Driver for the ssd1963 display controller app-beta
ili9488 Display Driver for the ili9488 controller app-beta
parallel_ebi Interface to the parallel EBI registers app-beta
parallel_portgroup Inteface to the parallel portgroup registers app-beta
parallel_smc Interface to the parallel smc registers app-beta
spi Interface to the spi registers app-beta
library legato Graphics library app-beta
designer legato MHGC Harmony graphics composer for Legato app-beta

Blank Library Interface

Blank Library Interface - the library interface which easily allows a third-party graphics library direct access to the display framebuffer. Blank library applications are available at various device-family specific repositories.

Aria Graphics

The legacy graphics facilities for MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Suite. Supports Microchip PIC32 and SAM microcontrollers.

As of Graphics release v3.8.0, Aria Graphics has been deprecated and removed from this repository. A snapshot of all previously published applications, tools, middleware and drivers related to Harmony 3 Aria Graphics are available at this archive repository.

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