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Welcome to the Model Zoo for MindSpore

In order to facilitate developers to enjoy the benefits of MindSpore framework, we will continue to add typical networks and some of the related pre-trained models. If you have needs for the model zoo, you can file an issue on gitee or MindSpore, We will consider it in time.

  • SOTA models using the latest MindSpore APIs

  • The best benefits from MindSpore

  • Officially maintained and supported

Table of Contents


Domain Sub Domain Network Ascend GPU CPU
Audio Speaker Recognition ecapa_tdnn
Audio Speech Synthesis lpcnet
Audio Speech Synthesis melgan
Audio Speech Synthesis tacotron2
Graph Neural Network Text Classification bgcf
Graph Neural Network Text Classification gat
Graph Neural Network Text Classification gcn
Recommendation Recommender System naml
Recommendation Recommender System ncf
Recommendation Recommender System tbnet
Image Image Classification alexnet
Image Image Denoise brdnet
Image Object Detection centerface
Image Image Classification cnn_direction_model
Image Scene Text Recognition cnnctc
Image Scene Text Recognition crnn
Image Scene Text Recognition crnn_seq2seq_ocr
Image Image Classification cspdarknet53
Image Object Detection ctpn
Image Object Detection darknet53
Image Semantic Segmentation deeplabv3
Image Text Detection deeptext
Image Image Classification densenet100
Image Image Classification densenet121
Image Depth Estimation depthnet
Image Image Denoise dncnn
Image Image Classification dpn
Image Scene Text Detection east
Image Image Classification efficientnet
Image Image Classification erfnet
Image Scene Text Recognition essay-recogination
Image Object Detection FasterRCNN_Inception_Resnetv2
Image Object Detection FasterRCNN_ResNetV1.5_50
Image Object Detection FasterRCNN_ResNetV1_101
Image Object Detection FasterRCNN_ResNetV1_152
Image Object Detection FasterRCNN_ResNetV1_50
Image Semantic Segmentation fastscnn
Image Semantic Segmentation FCN8s
Image Image Classification googlenet
Image Image Classification inceptionv3
Image Image Classification inceptionv4
Image Image Denoise LearningToSeeInTheDark
Image Image Classification lenet
Image Object Detection maskrcnn_resnet50
Image Object Detection maskrcnn_mobilenetv1
Image Crowd Counting MCNN
Image Image Classification mobilenetv1
Image Image Classification mobilenetv2
Image Image Classification mobilenetv3
Image Image Classification nasnet
Image Image Quality Assessment nima
Image Point Cloud Model octsqueeze
Image Keypoint Detection openpose
Image Defect Detection patchcore
Image Camera Relocalization posenet
Image Video Predictive Learning predrnn++
Image Scene Text Detection psenet
Image Pose Estimation pvnet
Image Optical Flow Estimation pwcnet
Image Image Super Resolution RDN
Image Image Classification resnet101
Image Image Classification resnet152
Image Image Classification resnet18
Image Image Classification resnet34
Image Image Classification resnet50
Image Image Classification resnet50_thor
Image Image Classification resnext101
Image Image Classification resnext50
Image Object Detection retinaface_resnet50
Image Object Detection retinanet
Image Image Classification se_resnext50
Image Image Matting semantic_human_matting
Image Image Classification se-resnet50
Image Image Classification shufflenetv1
Image Image Classification shufflenetv2
Image Image Classification simclr
Image Keypoint Detection simple_pose
Image Object Detection sphereface
Image Image Classification squeezenet
Image Image Classification SqueezeNet_Residual
Image Image Super Resolution srcnn
Image Object Detection ssd_mobilenet-v1-fpn
Image Object Detection ssd-mobilenet-v2
Image Object Detection ssd-resnet50-fpn
Image Object Detection ssd-vgg16
Image Defect Detection ssim-ae
Image Image Classification tinydarknet
Image Semantic Segmentation UNet_nested
Image Semantic Segmentation unet2d
Image Semantic Segmentation unet3d
Image Image Classification vgg16
Image Image Classification vit
Image Scene Text Recognition warpctc
Image Image Classification xception
Image Object Detection yolov3_darknet53
Image Object Detection yolov3_resnet18
Image Object Detection yolov4
Image Object Detection yolov5s
Recommendation Click-Through Rate Prediction deep_and_cross
Recommendation Click-Through Rate Prediction deepfm
Recommendation Click-Through Rate Prediction fibinet
Recommendation Click-Through Rate Prediction wide_and_deep
Recommendation Click-Through Rate Prediction wide_and_deep_multitable
Text Natural Language Understanding bert_base
Text Natural Language Understanding bert_bilstm_crf
Text Natural Language Understanding bert_finetuning
Text Natural Language Understanding bert_large
Text Natural Language Understanding bert_nezha
Text Natural Language Understanding cpm
Text Dialogue dgu
Text Dialogue duconv
Text Emotion Classification emotect
Text Natural Language Understanding ernie
Text Natural Language Understanding fasttext
Text Natural Language Understanding gnmt_v2
Text Natural Language Understanding gpt3
Text Natural Language Understanding gru
Text Emotion Classification lstm
Text Natural Language Understanding mass
Text Pre Training pangu_alpha
Text Natural Language Understanding textcnn
Text Natural Language Understanding tinybert
Text Natural Language Understanding transformer
Video Object Tracking ADNet
Video Video Classification c3d
Video Object Tracking Deepsort


Domain Sub Domain Network Ascend GPU CPU
3D 3D Reconstruction cmr
3D 3D Reconstruction DecoMR
3D 3D Reconstruction DeepLM
3D 3D Reconstruction eppmvsnet
3D 3D Object Detection pointpillars
Audio Speech Recognition ctcmodel
Audio Speech Recognition deepspeech2
Audio Keyword Spotting dscnn
Audio Speech Synthesis FastSpeech
Audio Audio Tagging fcn-4
Audio Speech Recognition jasper
Audio Speech Synthesis wavenet
Graph Neural Network Graph Classification dgcn
Graph Neural Network Text Classification hypertext
Graph Neural Network Graph Classification sdne
Graph Neural Network Social and Information Networks sgcn
Graph Neural Network Text Classification textrcnn
High Performance Computing High Performance Computing deepbsde
High Performance Computing High Performance Computing molecular_dynamics
High Performance Computing High Performance Computing ocean_model
High Performance Computing High Performance Computing pafnucy
High Performance Computing High Performance Computing pfnn
High Performance Computing High Performance Computing pinns
Image Image Classification 3D_DenseNet
Image Semantic Segmentation 3dcnn
Image Semantic Segmentation adelaide_ea
Image Scene Text Detection advanced_east
Image Style Transfer aecrnet
Image Re-Identification AlignedReID
Image Re-Identification AlignedReID++
Image Pose Estimation AlphaPose
Image Style Transfer APDrawingGAN
Image Style Transfer ArbitraryStyleTransfer
Image Object Detection arcface
Image Keypoint Detection ArtTrack
Image Style Transfer AttGAN
Image Image Classification augvit
Image Image Classification autoaugment
Image Semantic Segmentation Auto-DeepLab
Image Neural Architecture Search AutoSlim
Image Image Classification AVA_cifar
Image Image Classification AVA_hpa
Image Image Classification cait
Image Object Detection CascadeRCNN
Image Image Classification CBAM
Image Image Classification cct
Image Keypoint Detection centernet
Image Keypoint Detection centernet_det
Image Keypoint Detection centernet_resnet101
Image Keypoint Detection centernet_resnet50_v1
Image Image Generation CGAN
Image Image Classification convnext
Image Image Super Resolution csd
Image Image Generation CTSDG
Image Style Transfer CycleGAN
Image Image Super Resolution DBPN
Image Image Super Resolution DBPN_GAN
Image Image Generation dcgan
Image Re-Identification DDAG
Image Semantic Segmentation DDM
Image Semantic Segmentation DDRNet
Image Object Detection DeepID
Image Semantic Segmentation deeplabv3plus
Image Image Retrieval delf
Image Zero-Shot Learning dem
Image Object Detection detr
Image Semantic Segmentation dgcnet_res101
Image Instance Segmentation dlinknet
Image Image Denoise DnCNN
Image Image Classification dnet_nas
Image Image Classification DRNet
Image Image Super Resolution EDSR
Image Object Detection EfficientDet_d0
Image Image Classification efficientnet-b0
Image Image Classification efficientnet-b1
Image Image Classification efficientnet-b2
Image Image Classification efficientnet-b3
Image Image Classification efficientnetv2
Image Salient Object Detection EGnet
Image Semantic Segmentation E-NET
Image Image Super Resolution esr_ea
Image Image Super Resolution ESRGAN
Image Image Classification FaceAttribute
Image Object Detection faceboxes
Image Object Detection FaceDetection
Image Face Recognition FaceNet
Image Image Classification FaceQualityAssessment
Image Object Detection FaceRecognition
Image Object Detection FaceRecognitionForTracking
Image Object Detection faster_rcnn_dcn
Image Image Matting FCANet
Image Image Classification FDA-BNN
Image Image Classification fishnet99
Image Optical Flow Estimation flownet2
Image Image Generation gan
Image Image Classification GENet_Res50
Image Image Classification ghostnet
Image Image Classification ghostnet_d
Image Image Classification glore_res200
Image Image Classification glore_res50
Image Image Classification hardnet
Image Edge Detection hed
Image Image Generation HiFaceGAN
Image Image Classification HourNAS
Image Image Classification HRNetW48_cls
Image Semantic Segmentation HRNetW48_seg
Image Image Classification ibnnet
Image Semantic Segmentation ICNet
Image Image Classification inception_resnet_v2
Image Image Classification Inceptionv2
Image Image Matting IndexNet
Image Image Generation IPT
Image Image Super Resolution IRN
Image Image Classification ISyNet
Image Image Classification ivpf
Image Image Denoise LearningToSeeInTheDark
Image Meta Learning LEO
Image Object Detection LightCNN
Image Image Super Resolution lite-hrnet
Image Image Classification lresnet100e_ir
Image Object Detection m2det
Image Autoencoder mae
Image Meta Learning MAML
Image Scene Text Recognition ManiDP
Image Face Recognition MaskedFaceRecognition
Image Meta Learning meta-baseline
Image Re-Identification MGN
Image Depth Estimation midas
Image Image Denoise MIMO-UNet
Image Image Classification mnasnet
Image Image Classification mobilenetv3_large
Image Image Classification mobilenetV3_small_x1_0
Image Image Classification MultiTaskNet
Image Re-Identification MVD
Image Object Detection nas-fpn
Image Image Denoise Neighbor2Neighbor
Image Image Classification NFNet
Image Image Quality Assessment nima_vgg16
Image Semantic Segmentation nnUNet
Image Image Classification ntsnet
Image Semantic Segmentation OCRNet
Image Re-Identification osnet
Image Salient Object Detection PAGENet
Image Image Retrieval pcb
Image Image Retrieval pcb
Image Image Retrieval pcb_rpp
Image Image Classification PDarts
Image Image Generation PGAN
Image Image Generation Pix2Pix
Image Image Super Resolution Pix2PixHD
Image Image Classification pnasnet
Image Point Cloud Model pointnet
Image Point Cloud Model pointnet2
Image Image Classification PoseEstNet
Image Image Classification ProtoNet
Image Image Classification proxylessnas
Image Semantic Segmentation PSPNet
Image Salient Object Detection ras
Image Image Super Resolution RCAN
Image Object Detection rcnn
Image Image Super Resolution REDNet30
Image Object Detection RefineDet
Image Semantic Segmentation RefineNet
Image Re-Identification ReIDStrongBaseline
Image Image Classification relationnet
Image Image Classification renas
Image Semantic Segmentation repvgg
Image Semantic Segmentation res2net_deeplabv3
Image Object Detection res2net_faster_rcnn
Image Object Detection res2net_yolov3
Image Image Classification res2net101
Image Image Classification res2net152
Image Image Classification res2net50
Image Image Classification ResNeSt50
Image Image Classification resnet50_adv_pruning
Image Image Classification resnet50_bam
Image Image Classification ResNet50-Quadruplet
Image Image Classification ResNet50-Triplet
Image Image Classification ResnetV2_101
Image Image Classification ResnetV2_152
Image Image Classification ResnetV2_50
Image Image Classification resnetv2_50_frn
Image Image Classification resnext152_64x4d
Image Object Detection retinaface_mobilenet0.25
Image Object Detection retinanet_resnet101
Image Object Detection retinanet_resnet152
Image Object Detection rfcn
Image Image Classification SE_ResNeXt50
Image Image Classification senet_resnet101
Image Image Classification senet_resnet50
Image Image Classification se-res2net50
Image Image Classification S-GhostNet
Image Pose Estimation simple_baselines
Image Image Generation SinGAN
Image Image Classification single_path_nas
Image Image Classification sknet
Image Image Classification snn_mlp
Image Object Detection Spnas
Image Image Classification SPPNet
Image Image Classification squeezenet
Image Image Super Resolution sr_ea
Image Image Super Resolution SRGAN
Image Image Classification ssc_resnet50
Image Object Detection ssd_ghostnet
Image Object Detection ssd_inception_v2
Image Object Detection ssd_inceptionv2
Image Object Detection ssd_mobilenetV2
Image Object Detection ssd_mobilenetV2_FPNlite
Image Object Detection ssd_resnet_34
Image Object Detection ssd_resnet34
Image Object Detection ssd_resnet50
Image Pose Estimation StackedHourglass
Image Image Generation StarGAN
Image Image Generation STGAN
Image Traffic Prediction stgcn
Image Image Classification stpm
Image Image Classification swin_transformer
Image Temporal Localization tall
Image Image Classification TCN
Image Scene Text Detection textfusenet
Image Traffic Prediction tgcn
Image Image Classification tinynet
Image Image Classification TNT
Image Object Detection u2net
Image Image Generation U-GAT-IT
Image Semantic Segmentation UNet3+
Image Re-Identification VehicleNet
Image Image Classification vgg19
Image Image Classification ViG
Image Image Classification vit_cifar
Image Semantic Segmentation vnet
Image Image Classification wave_mlp
Image Image Super Resolution wdsr
Image Image Generation wgan
Image Image Classification wideresnet
Image Instance Segmentation Yolact++
Image Object Detection yolov3_tiny
Image Object Detection yolox
Multi Modal Multi Modal opt
Multi Modal Multi Modal TokenFusion
Multi Modal Multi Modal wukong
Recommendation Click-Through Rate Prediction autodis
Recommendation Click-Through Rate Prediction DIEN
Recommendation Click-Through Rate Prediction dlrm
Recommendation Click-Through Rate Prediction EDCN
Recommendation Click-Through Rate Prediction Fat-DeepFFM
Recommendation Click-Through Rate Prediction mmoe
Text Natural Language Understanding albert
Text Emotion Classification atae_lstm
Text Dialogue dam
Text Language Model gpt2
Text Knowledge Graph Embedding hake
Text Natural Language Understanding ktnet
Text Named Entity Recognition lstm_crf
Text Natural Language Understanding luke
Text Knowledge Graph Embedding rotate
Text Emotion Classification senta
Text Machine Translation seq2seq
Text Word Embedding skipgram
Text Machine Translation speech_transformer
Text Pre Training ternarybert
Text Natural Language Understanding tprr
Text Natural Language Understanding transformer_xl
Text Knowledge Graph Embedding transX
Video Video Classification AttentionCluster
Video Others DYR
Video Video Classification ecolite
Video Object Tracking fairmot
Video Video Classification I3D
Video Object Tracking JDE
Video video Segment OSVOS
Video Video Classification r2plus1d
Video video Super Resolution rbpn
Video Video Classification resnet3d
Video Object Tracking SiamFC
Video Object Tracking siamRPN
Video Video Classification slowfast
Video Video Classification stnet
Video Object Tracking tracktor
Video Object Tracking tracktor++
Video Video Classification trn
Video Video Classification tsm
Video Video Classification tsn


2021.9.15 Set up repository models

models comes from the directory model_zoo of repository mindspore. This new repository doesn't contain any history of commits about the directory model_zoo in mindspore, you could refer to the repository mindspore for the past commits.

Related Website

Here is the ModelZoo for MindSpore which support different devices including Ascend, GPU, CPU and mobile.

If you are looking for exclusive models only for Ascend using different ML platform, you could refer to Ascend ModelZoo and corresponding gitee repository

If you are looking for some pretrained checkpoint of mindspore, you could refer to MindSpore Hub or Download Website.


Mindspore only provides scripts that downloads and preprocesses public datasets. We do not own these datasets and are not responsible for their quality or maintenance. Please make sure you have permission to use the dataset under the dataset’s license. The models trained on these dataset are for non-commercial research and educational purpose only.

To dataset owners: we will remove or update all public content upon request if you don’t want your dataset included on Mindspore, or wish to update it in any way. Please contact us through a Github/Gitee issue. Your understanding and contribution to this community is greatly appreciated.

MindSpore is Apache 2.0 licensed. Please see the LICENSE file.


Apache License 2.0


For more information about MindSpore framework, please refer to FAQ

  • Q: How to resolve the lack of memory while using the model directly under "models" with errors such as Failed to alloc memory pool memory?

    A: The typical reason for insufficient memory when directly using models under "models" is due to differences in operating mode (PYNATIVE_MODE), operating environment configuration, and license control (AI-TOKEN).

    • PYNATIVE_MODE usually uses more memory than GRAPH_MODE , especially in the training graph that needs back propagation calculation, there are two ways to try to solve this problem. Method 1: You can try to use some smaller batch size; Method 2: Add context.set_context(mempool_block_size="XXGB"), where the current maximum effective value of "XX" can be set to "31". If method 1 and method 2 are used in combination, the effect will be better.
    • The operating environment will also cause similar problems due to the different configurations of NPU cores, memory, etc.;
    • Different gears of License control (AI-TOKEN ) will cause different memory overhead during execution. You can also try to use some smaller batch sizes.
  • Q: How to resolve the error about the interface are not supported in some network operations, such as cann not import?

    A: Please check the version of MindSpore and the branch you fetch the modelzoo scripts. Some model scripits in latest branch will use new interface in the latest version of MindSpore.

  • Q: What is Some RANK_TBAL_FILE which mentioned in many models?

    A: RANK_TABLE_FILE is the config file of cluster on Ascend while running distributed training. For more information, you could refer to the generator hccl_tools and Parallel Distributed Training Example

  • Q: How to run the scripts on Windows system?

    A: Most the start-up scripts are written in bash, but we usually can't run bash directly on Windows. You can try start python directly without bash scripts. If you really need the start-up bash scripts, we suggest you the following method to get a bash environment on Windows:

    1. Use a virtual system or docker container with linux system. Then run the scripts in the virtual system or container.
    2. Use WSL, you could turn on the Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows to obtain an linux system which could run the bash scripts.
    3. Use some bash tools on Windows, such as cygwin and git bash.
  • Q: How to resolve the compile error point to gflags when infer on ascend310 with errors such as undefined reference to 'google::FlagRegisterer::FlagRegisterer'?

    A: Please check the version of GCC and gflags. You can refer to GCC and gflags to install GCC and gflags. You need to ensure that the components used are ABI compatible, for more information, please refer to _GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI.

  • Q: How to solve the error when loading dataset in mindrecord format on Mac system, such as Invalid file, failed to open files for reading mindrecord files.?

    A: Please check the system limit with ulimit -a, if the number of file descriptors is 256 (default), you need to use ulimit -n 1024 to set it to 1024 (or larger). Then check whether the file is damaged or modified.

  • Q: What should I do if I can't reach the accuracy while training with several servers instead of a single server?

    A: Most of the models has only been trained on single server with at most 8 pcs. Because the batch_size used in MindSpore only represent the batch size of single GPU/NPU, the global_batch_size will increase while training with multi-server. Different gloabl_batch_size requires different hyper parameter including learning_rate, etc. So you have to optimize these hyperparameters will training with multi-servers.


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