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此仓库是为了提升国内下载速度的镜像仓库,每日同步一次。 原始仓库:
pyecharts 是一个用于生成 Echarts 图表的类库 spread retract

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Python ❤️ Echarts = pyecharts

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📣 Introduction

Echarts is easy-to-use, highly interactive and highly performant javascript visualization library under Apache license. Since its first public release in 2013, it now dominates over 74% of Chinese web front-end market. Yet Python is an expressive language and is loved by data science community. Combining the strength of both technologies, pyecharts is born.

✨ Feature hightlights

  • Simple API, Sleek and method chaining
  • Support 30 + popular charts
  • Suppot data science tools: Jupyter Notebook, JupyterLab, nteract
  • Integrate with Flask,Django at ease
  • Easy to use and highly configurable
  • Detialed documentation and examples.
  • More than 400+ geomaps assets for geograpic information processing

🔰 Installation

pip install

$ pip install pyecharts

Install from source

$ git clone
$ cd pyecharts
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python install

📝 Usage

Local computer


from pyecharts.charts import Bar
from pyecharts import options as opts

bar = (
    .add_xaxis(["衬衫", "毛衣", "领带", "裤子", "风衣", "高跟鞋", "袜子"])
    .add_yaxis("商家A", [114, 55, 27, 101, 125, 27, 105])
    .add_yaxis("商家B", [57, 134, 137, 129, 145, 60, 49])


from pyecharts.render import make_snapshot

# needs to configure selenium
make_snapshot(bar.render(), "bar.png")


Jupyter Notebook


Web framework

🔖 Demo

bar boxplot effectScatter funnel gague geo geo graph heatmap kline line liquid map parallel pie ploar radar scatter tree treemap wordCloud bar3D line3D sankey scatter3D surface3D themeRiver overlap grid timeline

For more documentaiton, please visit

⛏ Software development

Unit tests

$ pip install -r test/requirements.txt
$ make

Team development

Travis CI and AppVeyor is place for continuous integration.

Coding styles

flake8, Codecov and pylint are used

😉 Author

pyecharts are co-maintained by:

For more contributors, please visit pyecharts/graphs/contributors

💌 Donation

To develop and maintain pyecharts, it took me a lot of overnights. If you think pyecharts has helped you, please consider buying me a coffee:

Alipay   Wechat

Please also buy the other maintainer a coffee if you think their work helped you too donation details

📃 License

MIT ©chenjiandongx

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