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iSulad is a light weight container runtime daemon which is designed for IOT and Cloud infrastructure. spread retract

  • C 72.4%
  • C++ 21.6%
  • Python 3.9%
  • CMake 1.4%
  • Shell 0.6%
  • Other 0.1%
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iSulad is a light weight container runtime daemon which is designed for IOT and Cloud infrastructure.iSulad has the characteristics of light, fast and not limited by hardware specifications and architecture, and can be applied more widely.

Getting Started


To install iSulad, you can use rpm or yum package manager command with openEuler repository.

Install iSulad with yum

yum install -y iSulad


We provide systemd service to start iSulad

systemd start lcrd # run the server with systemd command

You can use direct command to start iSulad server:

$ sudo lcrd  # run the server with default socket name and default log level and images manage function

Operations on containers:

iSulad provides command line lcrc to talk with server. Here are some sample commands to manager containers.

List all containers in your own environment:

# list containers
$ sudo lcrc ps -a   

Create a container with busybox named test

# create a container 'test' with image busybox       
$ sudo lcrc create -t -n test busybox  

Start this container test

# start the container 'test'          
$ sudo lcrc start test                

Kill the container test

# kill the container 'test'   
$ sudo lcrc kill test  

Remove the container test

# remove the container 'test'     
$ sudo lcrc rm test                        

Build from source

Build requirements for developers are listed in build_guide

How to Contribute

We always welcome new contributors. And we are happy to provide guidance for the new contributors. iSulad follows the kernel coding conventions. You can find a detailed introduction at:


iSulad is licensed under the Mulan PSL v1.

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