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xengine / XEngine_Authorize

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This repository has a development and master branch. If you want to use it, please use the master branch
As long as the repository is not in a suspended state, someone will maintain and develop it all the time, please use it with confidence


c c++网络验证服务器 网络授权服务器
c c++network Authorize service
the server is network authorize verification service code library,This service mainly provides network authorization verification function.support local and network verification mode
network verification support tcp and websocket and http protocol verification.it is means:support app program and web
first open source C/C++ network authentication server, supporting various languages ​​and platforms for network authentication and authorization This is a cross-platform simple high-performance network authorization server that provides a complete demo code

why choose us

Fast iteration: feature updates are timely
Technical support: complete technical documentation and technical support, quick response to your questions
Unlimited language: don't care about the language your client uses, you can choose your own appropriate communication method
Stable and reliable: based on C/C++, the core framework has been verified for 10 years. It is stable and compatible with high performance
Flexible authentication: supports third-party authentication and authorization, supports distributed authentication and authorization, and can use its own user password system
more functions: support various types of authorization

Version difference

V3 version, the protocol is basically reimplemented. It is no longer compatible with the V2 protocol. V3 is basically changed to the HTTP interface for management. The compatibility is better. Please check the documentation for more.
V2 Version can be update to V3,V3 DB Compatible with V2 Databse

Software feature

A simple and high-performance cross-platform network authentication and authorization server developed and implemented based on XEngine
feature list:

  1. support tcp,http.websocket protocols
  2. Support Encrypto communication
  3. Support User Management
  4. Support Serial Management
  5. Support Log Management
  6. Support Configure Management
  7. Support Serical Multie types(Minute card, day card, frequency card, custom card)
  8. Support Try,Support quick verification
  9. Support Retrieve password through email
  10. Support app program and html web Authorize
  11. Support Accesss Control
  12. support http management api function,you can write web page to implement network authorize management interface by self
  13. support third user verification interface
  14. support distributed verification authorize function
  15. black list management
  16. local cdkey support
  17. announecement management


XEngine Evn

you must install XEngine,need V7.46 or above,install XEngine can be refer to xengine Readme docment

fast to deployment

git clone https://gitee.com/xyry/libxengine.git or git clone https://github.com/libxengine/xengine.git
window Exection XEngine_WINEnv.bat
Linux Exection:sudo ./XEngine_LINEnv.sh -i 3
Macos Exection:./XEngine_LINEnv.sh -i 3


use vs open and compile,suport windows 7sp1 and above
Just Run it,use XEngine_AuthorizeService
XEngine_AuthorizeApp is pc management tools


use makefile compile,UBUNTU20.04 x64 or CENTOS8 x64
Run it on the terminal,use XEngine_AuthorizeService


use makefile compile,mac 12 and above
Run it on the terminal,use XEngine_AuthorizeService

compile command

execute command in XEngine_Source path
make complie
make FLAGS=InstallAll Install File
make FLAGS=CleanAll Clear Complie

how to use


Windows:complie complete,copy VSCopy_x86 or VSCopy_x64 to your complie dir,should copy depend module when execution complete,and copy XEngine_Release dir all file to complie dir
Linux or macos:it can be execution....


client can be refer XEngine_Apps,and can be refer the docment of protocol,The process should be:register->login->pay->timeout->end.


The program released now comes with an administrator user, user name: admin password: 123123aa, you need to change the password yourself

test server

port :tcp port 5300,websocket port 5301,http management port 5302,Transmission verification password: no encryption

Screenshot of the program

输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明 输入图片说明

Participate in contribution

  1. Fork this code
  2. Create new Feat_xxx branch
  3. Submit the code
  4. New Pull Request

development path

The V1 version is an XEngine component. Most of the code is concentrated in XEngine
The V2 version comes out separately with all related modules and is developed separately
The V3 version is a new version, developed to meet the requirements of many environments

update guide

Database update Use Navicat and other database software to open the judgment table and the different fields for modification
After modification, directly copy the database to the new version to overwrite, and modify your configuration file

Authorization instructions

Use this software must be open source and indicate the source,If you want closed source and commercial,Then need to be authorized by the author.

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post issues

if you have eny quest.post issues...


c c++网络验证服务器 网络授权服务器 c c++network Authorize service expand collapse
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